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Devil's Angel Club

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Welcome to Devil's Angel

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On 2004 there was a young man who have a group name Devil Angels he had a soliders working with him as robbing the famous and rich people and using them as victim to take what they want and saves their friends from jail if one of them gets jailed by police this young man was so rich and smart but on 2005 everything changes and everyone knows to need to be protected san Andreas state did a new desition to give every famous and riches people money to be protected also, bodyguards. the young man was looking for the stats going down and he wants to get money from these people but they had a perfect defense and he decided to give his soldiers more weapons to success but every single time one of them dies he close this group for 11month.
On our society, we have prostitutes everyone needs them but they cost a little of money and they still know information about the gangs, etc...
they are allowed to talk to the Capitan without any obstacles like bodyguards. This guy decided to talk with prostitutes and he train her too much also telling her u will cost more and more She accepted to do the mission he gives her a plan and she success he promotes her also he find more prostitutes and bodyguards who helping them after they did catch the Capitan and focusing him cause there members care about him and lissten to his word then the bodyguards come and take all his money and his Drugs etc... and they Go away.
on 2006 The young guy Found the Starts grow up and he Upgrade a new plan By using prostitutes as a bait, not as a prostitute.

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We are a Criminal group who made from Director of this club who is deciding about the plan and give it to the Prostitute manager she tells them and teach them to be fast and smart also focusing the Boss who is threatened to be killed then use him like victim by stealing his money and the drugs when they catch their boss they call the bodyguards who will protect the prostitutes and take the money, drugs, weapons ect...
We are using prostitute, not for Sex they are working as bait to Get the objective

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We are Devils Angels Who live on Lebanon, We are a group who lives in San Andreas And we own the biggest and famous striptease club Our main work is not to dm, we are an organization that its role is Kidnap and Robbing the Riches people we are doing a Jailbreak, Public Bank robberies but with extreme precision and organization, We group who are looking for a prostitutes and train them as killing and kidnaping To become a "professional Prostitute" and working for our organization, we were created by Devils Angeles Family they are leading us to do a secret Deals and Robbing as Baiting them.
~[-Group Name:]~(violet) Devils Angels Club
~[-Group Tags:]~(violet) DA|Name.Raki
~[-Founders]~(violet): @UrBan @Object
~[-Color Code:]~(violet) #4C11D8
~[-Motto:]~(violet) Bait,Rob,Money,Drug
~[-Our Discord:]~(violet) https://discord.gg

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-Director Club<L>
-Manager Club<VL>
-Staff Manager<HQ>
-Security Manager<sHQ>
-Prostitute Manager
-Prostitute in probation

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~[-Part 1-Personal information:]~(violet)

-Real Name:
-Primary Language:
-Your english skills:/10

~[-Part 2-Your playtime in MTA|SAES:]~(violet)

-How long have you been playing MTA:
-How long have you been playing on SAES:
-How many hours do you play in day:

~[-Previous gang/squads?:]~(violet)

-currently gang/squads?:
-previous gang/squad/groups:

~[-Part 3-Questions:]~(violet)

-Describe Roleplay:
-What does mean DM:
-why should we accept you:
-why do you want to join us:

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@XxNetroxX Honestly we are a criminal group but you did post a decent application and we appreciate that so i would like you to join our Discord if you haven't and have small talk with me. alt text

Devil's Angels HQ team.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/tSxhaZ

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