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Re: The Company
Ingame name: 203|JeSos

Username: JeSoS

Country of Residence: Bulgaria

Spoken Languages: Bulgarian, English

Date of birth: 23/12/2007

Date of the beginning of your SAES career: I am playing in SAESRPG since in th beginning of January 2019

Previous organisations: ThC

Miscellaneous questions: N/A

Define The Companys role in one sentence:
The Company is an criminal organization and their role is smuggling weapon and either to expand their territory.

You are getting chased by a cop and sadly you die by falling off a cliff. Because of that, the cop is menacing you with a report. How would you approach:
I will tell him that it was an accident . If he don't accept my apologies , then I will have to arrange. The important thing is that, I gave them the right version of the
story without anything other

You are in a confidential gang meeting. Instantaneously the leader of the meeting advocates something that you do not sympathize so you accidentally said something ridiculous. The leader of the meeting orders you to leave the gang and the meeting. After leaving the meeting and walking to your car you suddenly see 2 laser dots on your clothes, one pointing at your heart and the other at your liver. First, you act calm but then suddenly after a few milliseconds you get that signal in your brain that you have no body armor. What would you do after realizing that you are unprotected:
Well , i would run and use a tear gas to blow the shooters,then call guys from our gang to escape from the guys

There is a guy where you had several disputes with. causing you to have an incredible hatred against him. You also have sworn several times that you will never forgive him and every time you see him you try to avoid him as you know if you do not severe drama will happen. Now this same guy which you have a grudge on decides to join the gang of which you are a respected member of. He somehow managed to join. How would you react when you see him in the gang:
Maybe I will try to respect him, despite that I hate him

Little Activity from yesterday and today:

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