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Re: - OverdoseCrime -

  1. Personal data section

1.1 Account information
Nickname: Nowayout
Nationality: Moroccain
Spoken language(s): English , Frensh, Arabic.

  1. Organization section

2.1 Personal specifics
Former organization(s): None
Reason(s) of leaving: None
Why have you chosen to join OverdoseCrime?: Well , I see that OverdoseCrise is the best Gang ever and i want to join because i love it/ respect it, and i want to be part of it as well.

2.2 Management specifics
Outline your relevant skills and strengths, that you can provide for OverdoseCrime (We do NOT ask for in-game skills, such as shooting, driving etc.): I can help gang members with all help request, also be honest with them for sure.
Describe how you would solve any problem with a fellow gang member: First be patient and ask for the problem reasons , then try to solve it the best possiblem way.

2.3 OverdoseCrime specifics
Define OverdoseCrime: A good familly with a perfect members on it , working for them/ with them is a honor. this gang have a lot of respect from all peoples arounds.

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