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The history of killer clowns can be traced back to the emergence of "scary clowns" in popular culture, particularly in the late 20th century. However, their notoriety rose sharply in the early 2010s when reports of people dressing up as sinister clowns and terrorizing communities started to surface worldwide. These incidents, often driven by pranks or malevolent intentions, created a wave of fear and panic. While some instances were harmless, others involved criminal activities such as assault or stalking. The phenomenon gained extensive media coverage and sparked a global fascination with the concept of killer clowns, leaving behind a chilling legacy.

In the year 2020, a horrifying act shocked the country as a group of killer clowns carried out a daring robbery in the city of Los Santos. This bizarre combination of criminality and theatrics left people baffled and fearful. Authorities quickly began investigating the incident, hoping to bring these dangerous individuals to justice and reassure the public that such alarming acts would not be tolerated in society. To this day, the suspects have not been found.

3 years after the robbery incident, the discovery of multiple dead bodies across the city of San Fierro, all bearing the suspicious mark of the words "joke's on you" has sparked widespread concern and panic among residents. Authorities started working diligently to investigate the situation and determine the motives behind these disturbing crimes, as well as to ensure the safety of the community.

The public's decision to label the horrifying murders as a "killing joke" reflected the collective attempt to make sense of and contextualize the disturbing phenomenon. This unofficial name also served as a way to refer to and discuss the ongoing investigations and developments surrounding the case.

By the end of the year 2023, a number of other clown related attacks have been investigated by the authorities. The crimes were found to be likely connected due to similarities in the modus operandi, patterns, or evidence found at each crime scene. After careful investigation and analysis, the law enforcement agencies and experts have reached the conclusion that there is an organized group or criminal organization involved in these crimes.




Gang name: Killing Joke
Gang tag: KJ|
Roleplay: Killer Clowns
Base Location: Killing Joke Circus, San Fierro
Gang Money: 100.000.000$+
Founders: @Groove | @blizzard
Leader: @Groove
Vice Leader: @Linkan
HeadQuarters: @mellow | @nicky | @K2rhym
Color code: #C34A2C ( KJ|name )
Motto: "Why so serious?"
Creation Date: 8th of July 2023
Gang level: 4
Discord server: CLICK HERE






The Killing Joke is a killer clown society. Our main purpose is to create as much chaos as possible. We do so by various means, some of our fun activities include:

- Producing highly toxic chemicals and gas to use in attacks.

- Drug dealing and production ( mostly amphetamines).

- Stalking people to make them uncomfortable.

- Chasing women on the street alone at night.

- Robbing fast food stores.

- Beating up people dressed as Disney characters.

- Visiting the local zoo.




Killing Joke Circus - Our base of operations



San Fierro Pier 69 - The location where we host public shows and carnivals













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