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  • Tonight's updates

    , posted by: Mega9 19 comments

    The police system (or well, major part of it) was completely rewritten (apart from bribe, stingers and stuff). The new upgrade of policing system will open space for more upgrades in the future, better stability and performance.

    Major changes:

    • All Police team members that get arrested now go to adminjail (as in "Internal Affairs" custody)
    • You now keep all weapons when you get jailed, but gain full 42 stars if you break out the prison
    • Tazing and arresting is now completely dependent on the server, it does not matter how hard one party lags, server performs all the important tasks
    • Your jail time is completely server-restart-proof, it gets saved where it stopped, same with disconnecting, you continue from the exact second you left at
    • Tapping-to-escape has been (maybe temporarily) replaced with the older system of 3 seconds grounded | depending on how community likes it it may or may not stay in place
    • Internal Affairs will not allow any officer to perform an arrest/tase if they have wanted level 3+
    • Anti-avoid system is back

    The re-build process is not complete, and there may be some features missing (such as beanbagging)

    Plus some other changes I forgot to mention...


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    Great job guys keep the updates coming. :) 

    Hope you add that drive by for restaurants...  

    I'm most excited for those unmentioned changes. Sounds riveting. ;)

    not cool....

    omg finally u get to keep ur guns 2k was annoying and u only get ads Admins ill give it to ya u finnaly did something apart from being lazy.

    Thankss love this new updates :D:D 

    Great job guys

    Wait Wait.. With my respect to you @Mega9, there are alot of SHIT !! 

    1. if you are wanted and you reconnected - Stars will be removed
    2. If Someone wanted and he jump in Water, he cant be arrested by Any weapon ..
    3. Tazer distance is Reduced as Fuck !
    4. As you said Shotgun is temp disabled ..
    5. If you killed a wanted criminal you get wanted ..

    Please fix that, nice job btw ..

    As Marko said, when a wanted criminal enters a car and you throw him out, sit in the driver seat he will not be arrested. 

    Now this is not either  good or bad, but whenever you taze someone you no longer take the nighstick and whenever the person is tazed it no longer displays that you have tazed them. And the amount of cash I think has been reduced for arresting a tazed person.

    It would also be nice to re-add (if it was removed, it does not work for me) the menu for police codes for example (10-4, code 10..etc) located on the "J" button.

    Looking forward for enhanced police gameplay.

    #SAFP Copyright with IA lool

    5. If you killed a wanted criminal you get wanted ..


    Remember that you are not supposed to kill criminals. You may only kill several criminals when the SR is outnumbered.

    Could you all at least be a little damn nicer when giving feedback.

    We know the script isn't finished, we had to push it forward due to an issue that occurred last night.

    Your feedback is required on what's missing and will be fixed with time. For now you can taste and do the basic arrest shit. Just make sure it's constructive criticism rather than stuff like "wtf can we even do as cop."

    We do apologise if you feel the gameplay has reduced a little bit but at that stage last night, it could not be helped.

    All be will be fixed in the coming days, standby ladies.

    Wanted levels or stars are not connected with name tags.

    Thanks to Mega for updating police and to everyone who else keeps the server running.

    Whatever bugs or issues that spring up will be looked and dealt with if required.

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