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  • Tagging up turf

    , posted by: NanoBob 44 comments


    An update has been made where gangs will be able to use a spraycan to create gang tags on walls, anywhere. Spraying one of those tags whilst in a turf war will aid your side of the turf (this is restricted to 3 times per turf zone). Any gang will have 1 tag set to them, in order to get your gang to be able to create tags check this topic: http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/77330-how-to-properly-request-a-gang-tag/

    There's a couple rules about the tagging system:

    1. Do not spray tags on other organisation's bases.
    2. Do not spray tags on police departments.

    If more rules would come into play later they will be added here.

    44 comments on this article

    So they're able to spray it anywhere?

    Like of one the gangs gets in SAPA's base and sprays on the walls inside, it will stay there?

    All of news updates are just awesome !

    Yes hesha it will stay there, hence the rule that you're not allowed to do them in other organisation's bases.

    awesome but let me guess, it's for gangs only right?

    Suggested for years, finally introduced. Nicely done! Good job!

    Depends, I guess if GM allows it groups could use it too, and maybe even cops (ofcourse cops wouldnt spray their logo or something on a wall, so would have to be RP related.

    Is there a way to remove enemy tags? And how long do the tags stay?

    they stay for 25 minutes, unless the person who made the tag disconnects or creates a new tag. and no there is no way to remove it.

    If a tag is sprayed near or on police departments, add to the player instant stars, like 4 or 8 each time , more realistic as its on the cop's nest 

    When we request the new script.How can we spray our logo over the walls ?You will give to us a spray or there will be a command ?

    DAMN That's pretty good, but is it only for gangs ? Why not for companies and squads aswell, i mean Squads/companies can put their tag on their bases or something

    Requesting painter's spawn, who is going to manage the upcoming mess?


    Tag clean up companies incoming xD


    Worm @ Its for gang only of course as sparying on walls is even illegal, so cops are not allowed to do it probably..

    Great job cunt nonobob :D actually I waited for this, ggwp!

    maybe its time for me to join the criminal life !

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