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  1. While my opinion may be arriving late, I strongly advocate for a complete reset of the monetary system and a simultaneous economic reset. Furthermore, I believe in resetting the ownership of vehicles and houses. I can vividly recall the times when gangs would diligently save money over weeks or even months in order to acquire their desired properties. It was an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience, especially being broke as fuck and being cautious about every bullet spent, given their high cost. Regarding vehicle resets, I would also support the idea, that players, based on their current fleet would be able to keep X amount of vehicles. This would strike a balance between a fresh start and acknowledging the progress players have made over time. I am for a careful adjustment rather than complete removal of the monetary rewards associated with donations. I think that such a change would effectively reinvigorate the donation activity for a short period of time, as stupid idiots like myself, who are enticed by pay-to-win mechanics, are inclined to buy in-game currency.
  2. Anas_

    why inactive bro

    1. Mari


      If I were active cops would have no fun in playing anymore xD

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      makes sense xD

  3. Sounds good. There's no need to make it any more complex. Doubt one cares about gender but rather maybe about previous experiences and if they have discord.
  4. A month has 730 hours, bigmike decides to have his pc turned on for 650 hours. A computer with 650W costs 4,68 € per day if you'd leave it on for 24 hours. (In Germany) So our dear BigMike spent 126,36 € in total just to be AFK and grind hours Another way of throwing money out of the window lmao
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      Onlyhams is better.

      Only hams : r/SimpsonsMemes

  6. Display Name: Mari Username: Mar7hx Link to ALL Donation Topics: Total number of Donation Points: 200
  7. This is an automated post for: Mari Donation: GBP 100.00 GBP Requested Awards: Please edit this topic with your requested rewards. For vehicles please follow the format below Vehicle Type: Forklift, Vortex, Goblin, Super GT, BMX, Limo, Camper, Kart, Tow Truck, Roadtrain, 2 x Stratum, NRG Vehicle Colour: #ABABAB Specify any upgrades: V8, AWD, Stereo music thing Usernames to lock: mar7hx Where you want it placed: Sprunk Factory For any help with rewards, please check this topic:
  8. Address: 3rd Floor 2 Verona Apartments Account name: byforce Last seen: 4th October 2022 Screenshots:
  9. Address: 3rd Floor 1 Verona Apartments Account name: jacknapier Last seen: 16th June 2022 Screenshots:
  10. Address: 8 Nutsack Parade Account name: ivanrk Last seen: 25th June 2022 Screenshots:
  11. ^[] ^[TURF WAR] ^[08/11/2022] ^[Before] ^[] ^[After] ^[] ^[]
  12. ^[] ^[Event Name: Parkour] ^[LWS: @voli ] ^[Prize: $6.000.000] ^[1st: $3.000.000 | 2nd: $2.000.000 | $1.000.000] ^[ Winners: 1st Ghassen | 2nd: Troones | 3rd: SAES>Solrac]
  13. ^[] ^[Event Name: Last Man Standing] ^[LWS: @voli ] ^[Prize: $3.000.000] ^[Winner: [SWAT*]Piggy]
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