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    Welcome to Gant Island Memorial Prison

    The new prison is located in the los santos bay, the outside cells are cells for people who got arrested with <40 stars. In the building is where people with more than or equal to 40 stars will be detained.

    The prison wardens have a amory in their spawn room which will supply them with 600 m4 rounds and a couple of sniper rounds to take down approaching helicopters, or fleeing inmates. You can resupply your ammo any time you want.

    Heads up to the wardens:

    Any criminal who has escaped his cell and is still on the island can be killed, and will be transported back to his cell. Any other criminals are to be arrested.


    Credits for the mapping go to @Bone and @Dequfire


    58 comments on this article

    Thanks Bone and Dequ :D

    This jail is awesome.

    Police Marine has a role now.

    Awesome!! it will be Fun JBing and Running From Cops ! 

    About Time Guys. Nice job and I cant Wait till I see the new Jail.

    No need to sit at jail as staff now. woo!

    Prison wardens with armor O.O 


    Already saw the mapping when Bone was on it, it looks pretty amazing. I just hope the Prison Warden Spawn wont get abused that much there

    Prison wardens don't have armor, they just have a weapons pickup

    Bone, I know you got lot's of ideas for new GIMP, but maybe you can add some of these too? :3

    Meanwhile, the cops and Nanobob :D


    Great Job ! The new prison gives a role to Police Marines,and makes the gameplay better than it was,for both Cops and Crims.

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