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  • Ban Amnesty

    , posted by: Lance 1 comment

    Important: Today or early tomorrow we're going to reset our banlist which means that our 1760 long list will be deleted. Everyone will be given a second chance to join SAES and play our services.

    Why? After digging through or list and discovering that 98% of our bans are for a petty crimes we've decided that we should give everyone a second chance. Let's see what happens :)

    So expect to see some old faces, we sure hope they will behave!

    P.S some of our previous members have had their forum account banned - If that's the case, they can talk to me or any HQ on the IRC or via PM on the forums and request an unban. Each case is different so don't expect that every forum account will be unbanned.

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    Boston = check
    JoshBosh = check
    Howlze = HELL NO

    Please make sure to get the serials oof them, as sometimes it can go wrong..


    And as pitty said +1

    around 4 years and half or 5, zZenom did this, unbanned everyone and I was one of the players.

    Fucking zZenom, ruined hours of my life the moment he did this.

    This is going to be madness, lol

    I hope to see Rato and Madcat back soon

    Nice to give people second chance , I appreciate that.

    this is gonna be the movie like "The Purge"

    I am unbannable. I run the services!

    Probably taking such a decision will effectively increase the activity of the server, but it will surely cause disadvantages, I hope admins will be capable of controlling everything to reduce the negative effects.

    Im actually happy about this friends will be able to play with me ...

    @_HipsterZ Obviously, people who have been given a second chance and decide not to follow the rules, will be re-banned.

    Let wait and enjoy watching ban niggers back

    I hope to see boston here again 

    its injustice for me because someones working for unban application and me I a lot of worked for my unban application but now 1760 member come back without any work 














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