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    Merry Christmas

    , posted by: Sir Cheese
    Merry Christmas to you all from everyone in SAES, and have a good few days off. May Jesus be with you!

    Contest New login-screen background

    , posted by: Bone
    The current man in a boat has become old so its time to attempt for a refreshment Its the number one spot people look at before they join the server   There is a restriction on the artwork, Image size: 1920x952 pixels respect other people their artwork   @Visionaries stated he wanted an optical illusion of his fetish, "goatse"@kenny will reward the winning background   the contest will end 10th of January announ

    The admin of year 2017 is...

    , posted by: Sir Cheese
    You have voted and we have a clear winner in the Admin of the year 2017. This year the title goes to @Arse. For all that @Arse has done to us we have decided to give him a decent lump of the donation money for him to go to Finland (That shit is expensive, yo). Merry Christmas!

    Changes to HQ

    , posted by: Tombaa
    Good evening all To make it all quick, there's some changes to the HQ structure. New HQ Member I'd like you all to welcome @Shaun to SAES HQ as the new member of the clans top brass and his role is now the official SAHA Manager for HQ. HQ itself "HQ Leader" role that I've previously had has been disassembled and is no longer there, instead the active "Senior HQ" will be shouting at the HQ members on a regular basis wh

    SAES is 14 years old!

    , posted by: Brophy
    As the title states, our clan/community is 14 years old! We would like to thank you for keeping our community thriving and turning it into one of the most successful servers and community that GTA has seen. However, I have been working on something in the background... I did try to get this complete for the birthday, however I have not had the time. During this weekend, we will re-release our Vice City server, you will not need

    New Gang Management

    , posted by: Kain
    Hi all, Just keep you all in the loop. First off, we'd like to welcome @Royalty and @jonas13362 to the gang management team. These will be your 2 new points of contact for gang related stuff but give them a couple days to get up to speed! For now the gang management team stands as @Kain @Jay @ESO @Angelo. @Royalty @jonas13362. Second of all the main focus of the GM Team now will be to rescramble the civ side and g

    New SAHA Members

    , posted by: Shaun
    Hi guys, Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in joining SAHA during the recent recruitment. After a week-long discussion, we have come to a decision to invite the following two players. Please join me in welcoming @ProNuBs and @Groove to the team! They will be available ingame to deal with any housing requests you may have from today. Please allow them time to settle in to their new role before bombarding them with

    Desert Eagles Christmas Recruitment

    , posted by: Patrol
    ANNOUNCEMENT - DE -DEHQCOM Due to the increasing threat of armed terrorist groups in our state SA. DEHQCOM has decided to bring forward the date of the next recruitment.  Therefore a new recruitment will be hosted for all civilians willing to join the armed forces of San Andreas.                   We would also like to warm up the Christmas spirit with this recruitment.    The recruitment will

    Gang Notifications Return!

    , posted by: Kain
    As you can see above, gang invite notifications have made a return due to a common vote within the community and clan. With this change, it is currently only available for level 2+ gangs in order to try and prevent abuse. We ask that you please don't flood the chat with "gz's", saying it once is good enough. Along with this, we ask official gangs to not abuse this feature. If the feature is consistently abused or people take the

    Housing Agents Required

    , posted by: Shaun
    Hi all, SAHA are looking to bring on another two agents to join the current team and assist with all things housing related. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, check out the following topic for more info: