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Regarding The Boxer's Spawn



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Regarding The Boxer's Spawn
-Add the ability for boxers to sell skills .
-Add skill selling markers in other boxing clubs-there's only one in LS- .
-Boxers don't get wanted in the fighting clubs .

-Add a script for organized 1v1 fights in the fighting clubs , suggestions for the script :
**1-**When the two players stand in the marker they have the ability to offer the reward and if both type in the same amount and agree to fight (all according to the script) And the money is withdrawn from both players .

**2-**HP resets when the game starts .

**3-**Boxers don't get wanted during the fight .

**4-**A count down for the two boxers where they are frozen until it says GO (like the /event countdowns )

**5-**When a boxers kill the other boxer the money gets transferred to his pocket

Matters to discuss :
What if one of them times out ?
What about the high ping ?
What if someone interferes from outside with a weapon ?
What about cops with a taser ?
Should it be a must to have 0 stars before you spawn as boxer ?

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