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poker suggest



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poker suggest (texas holdem)

-in casinos

-poker players cant be killed

-ingame money using

-if someone loose connection whilest playing poker, have 5minutes time to rejoin or money will splitted for other players

-if someone need to leave the game for any reason, can give chips/money to other players, like giving 1mill to player A & 3mill to player B

-possible vote to pause pokergame if all vote for pause

-possible money splitting if just 2-3 players left & all vote for money splitting

-this good suggestion ok

-making different tables with different money limits, like cheapest starting with 100k & max table with 100mills

-adding 17-4 blackjack aswell

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Only one line is bad from this suggestion
-poker players cant be killed or arrested

Ofc its the arrested part as people will abuse it (its saes m8 you know everyone will exploit the fuck out of this)

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