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Before I start I want to say that I found this glitch in another server, that uses the same truck script, I don't know if this glitch was reported here or not but I will tell it anyways. I found this glitch long time ago and since that server closed and stopped playing mta but I still remember the base of how to do the glitch, the glitch consist on getting a delivery, then u use another truck and get another delivery and then u go to the delivery site and u deliver the cargo, but the yellow market will be bugged, like more yellow markers inside of that one, that means that the glitch worked so the only thing that u have to do is get another delivery and it will glitch and deliver on the same location from where u got it, so instead of going to another location you can make 5 deliveries in less than 30 seconds, on the other server when u had 300 deliveries u could transport tanks and hunters, which it gives u a lot of money when u use the glitch, making 100k+ in seconds. I don't know if it works on this server too since it's the same script but it should work, and I u ask yourself u I found this glitch I was really bored :D

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