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[LWS-STAFF]Brooks's LWS Events


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~[Why am i here?]~(lime,olive)
Hello there, I'm known as Brooks in-game and i made this topic to post my events to build for myself a way to be a part of the Lightning World Sports.

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First, i would like to represent myself to the community. Im Nadhir a 17 years old boy who lives in Tunisia exactly in Sousse. I have 3 brothers and im the youngest one between them, i'm a funny guy, i have a lot of friends, my hobbies are to play sports and video games such as MTA. In-game, im known as Brooks, im currently part of Clandestine Mob, i've joined the server in June 2017 and i've been a part of many gangs and also a part of some groups, ZIP as a Worker, TMH as a HeadQuarter, SAP as a Sailor and rTECH as a professional racer.

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~[Event format:]~(lime,olive)

Event Name:

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~[Total Events]~(lime,olive) 73
~[Total Events hosted as Staff member]~(lime,olive) 112
~[To be updated.]~(lime,olive)

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Event #10
Event Name : Eat The Food
Notice : New event type ( unique) : Here , People will be doing a simple marathon with Obstacles with a lower hp ( 10% ) and all what that they needs to do is to pass all the obstacles and reach me to buy food and make their hp full (100%) , and the first one do it wins.
LWS/G6 : @Licano
Prize : 2.000.000$
Winner(s) : Ismaken
ScreenShot(s): https://imgur.com/a/PtegRnr

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