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About donation wraps


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What's the difference between the two rewards?

- generic wraps are nonspecific textures such as Patterns and Gradients. Some examples of our generic wraps (outdated). 5.00
- custom wraps are made from templates, allowing one to paint detail e.g gang logo only on doors, or see this. 10.00

How to request your wrap:

Generic and custom wraps can be requested right away on our donation-wrap tracker in any image format.
If you want to preview your wrap, head on to San Fierro carshop's upper floor and insert a link to your image file. It's also possible to test on a local server using NanoBob's resource.
Wraps that are already on server can also be previewed at the SF carshop.


General wrap rules
- No adult content or references

Emergency wrap rules
- Avoid luminous colors
- Keep design English
- Keep design elements decent and realistic
- Patterns such as camo are OK when added together with decals


Allowed image resolutions are: 256x256, 512x512


Photoshop templates for designing

ID Description    Download
400 Landstalker Mercedes G Wagon Download here
402 Buffalo GTR 34 Download here
405 Sentinel BMW M5 Download here
407 Firetruck NYFD Download here
409 Stretch Custom Download here
411 Infernus Custom Download here
415 Cheetah Custom Download here
416 Ambulance LAFD Download here
417 Leviathan Custom Download here
423 Mr Whoopee Custom Download here
425 Hunter Custom Download here
427 Enforcer GTA5 Download here
429 Banshee Custom Download here
430 Predator Custom Download here
432 Rhino Custom Download here
434 Hotknife Custom Download here
436 Previon Silvia Download here
439 Stallion Custom Download here
451 Turismo Lamborghini Download here
470 Patriot Custom Download here
475 Sabre Custom Download here
477 ZR-350 Mazda Rx7 Download here
480 Comet Custom Download here
482 Burrito Custom Download here
490 FBI Rancher Chevy Tahoe Download here
494 Hotring Racer BMW E30 Download here
497 Police maverick Custom Download here
502 Hotring Racer 3 Dodge Challenger Download here
506 Super GT Shelby GR1 Download here
508 Journey Custom Download here
515 Roadtrain Custom Download here
518 Buccaneer Custom Download here
519 Shamal Custom Download here
520 Hydra Custom Download here
522 NRG-500 Default Download here
528 FBI Truck Custom Download here
533 Feltzer Aston Martin Download here
535 Slamvan Default Download here
541 Bullet Ford GT Download here
544 Fire Ladder Custom Download here
548 Cargobob Custom Download here
549 Tampa GTA5 Download here
559 Jester Supra Download here
560 Sultan Default Download here
561 Stratum Audi RS7 Download here
567 Savanna Default Download here
576 Tornado Custom Download here
577 At400 Custom Download here
578 DFT-30 Custom Download here
579 Huntley Custom Download here
582 News van Custom Download here
586 Wayfarer Harley Davidson Download here
592 Andromada Custom Download here
593 Dodo Custom Download here
596 Police LS Crown Vic Download here
597 Police SF Custom Download here
598 Police LV GTA5 Download here
600 Picador Custom Download here
601 S.W.A.T. Custom Download here
602 Alpha Ford Mustang GT Download here
604 Glendale shit Pontiac Download here

Tutorial on using the photoshop templates

I am going to assume that you know the basics of Adobe Photoshop (paid program) or Gimp (free program) and understand how the vehicle looks in the server before proceeding.
alt text



Every Photoshop file (.psd) that I've linked contains the following:
- ~[Canvas]~(green), in real life you'd have an A4 paper to draw on, that's your canvas. But in here, your canvas is your safe frames. I have placed it as a default of 512x512 pixels at 72 pixels/inch.



- ~~(green), double click the rectangle to change. If your finished paint job's borders (the edges nearest to the background) are mostly dark brown, you'll want to use a dark brown background color.



- ~[Base template layer]~(green), this is what you're supposed to paint on. It's white by default, however, you may change it into any color you'd like. It is strongly advised that you create new layers for painting onto and that you use clipping masks. Unfortunately, as we have a 1MB rule for server mods, a lot of detail is gone or is left abnormal on the template. If you can't decide on what a part of the template is used for, don't paint in too much detail.
When you're coloring your vehicle ingame, any part of the template that isn't black (#000000) will be colored. So, if you have a black and white template and paint your vehicle red ingame, all of the white pixels will be red.



- ~[Shadows layer]~(green), you'll want to set its blend mode as 'Multiply' for it to mask out whites and leave every other color (shadows) present. This is very useful for adding depth to your finished wrap. Use with caution, always try decreasing values and playing with curves adjustment layers to get pleasant looking shadows. This is an optional layer and may not be relevant for some wraps. Creative people may be able to use it as dirt, grunge or other effects.



- ~[Helper notes]~(green), you can delete all of them by right-clicking one and selecting 'Delete all notes'. I have placed them around to help guide the designer towards each component of the vehicle


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Date ID Description
August 9 528 FBI Truck Added
April 16 470 Patriot Updated
February 24 541 Bullet Ford GT Added
September 12 602 Ford Mustang GT Added
September 12 601 S.W.A.T. Added
September 12 600 Picador Added
September 12 593 Dodo Added
September 12 592 Andromada Added
September 12 586 Wayfarer Added
September 12 579 Huntley Added
September 12 577 At400 Added
September 12 561 Audi RS7 Added
September 12 548 Cargobob Added
September 12 544 Fire Ladder Added
September 12 533 Aston Martin Added
September 12 520 Hydra Added
September 12 518 Buccaneer Added
September 12 508 Journey Added
September 12 502 Dodge Challenger Added
September 12 497 Police maverick Added
September 12 477 Mazda Rx7 Added
September 12 475 Sabre Added
September 12 470 Patriot Added
September 12 439 Stallion Added
September 12 434 Hotknife Added
September 12 432 Rhino Added
September 12 430 Predator Added
September 12 429 Banshee Added
September 12 425 Hunter Added
September 12 423 Mr Whoopee Added
September 12 417 Leviathan Added
September 12 415 Cheetah Added
September 12 411 Infernus Added
September 12 409 Stretch Added
September 12 576 Tornado Updated
September 5 578 DFT-30 Updated
August 29 519 Shamal Added
August 1 559 Jester Added
March 24 405 Sentinel Updated
March 21 427 Enforcer Added
February 5 597 Police SF Updated
February 3 597 Police SF Updated
January 31 597 Police SF Added
July 31 582 News van Added
July 16 604 Glendale shit Added
July 12 598 Police LV Updated
July 3 578 DFT-30 Added
June 15 490 FBI Rancher Added
June 15 598 Police LV Updated
May 27 596 Police LS Updated
April 6 494 Hotring Racer Added
April 6 405 Sentinel Added
August 15 416 Ambulance Updated
August 12 416 Ambulance Added
July 23 560 Sultan Added
July 20 482 Burrito Added
July 6 515 Roadtrain Added
June 2 576 Tornado Added
June 2 567 Savanna Added
June 2 535 Slamvan Added
June 2 522 NRG-500 Added
June 2 480 Comet Added
May 21 451 Turismo Updated
May 20 596 Police LS Added
May 19 598 Police LV Updated
May 19 494 Hotring Racer Updated
May 19 451 Turismo Updated

Please check in on this post frequently, it'll be edited each time we add/update a template


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