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SAES:RPG Rules Update!

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Hey all,

I have been working on updating the server rules over the last number of weeks and these are now live. Please familiarise yourself with them.

@ESO has been working on getting the rules translated into every other major language. If you are able to assist with this in any way please reach out to him.

For a full copy of the rules in your language please have a look at the following topic;


These are also in the F1 rules panel.

You will notice there are now slightly less rules and the rules are now worded in a way which makes them more clear.

If you notice any inconsistencies please feel free to reach out. We still have a catch-all rule which means don't act like a prick pretty much.



alt text

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@Ramby said in SAES:RPG Rules Update!:

Who is working on the Dutch translation? @Joe

we currently have @Pitty working on one. if he for any reason can't deliver one and you are willing to then i'll contact you about it :)
if anyone would like to inquire about any translation version/wants to provide one/finds a mistake in a current one/have any ideas to improve anything, then please contact me either via Discord or via a PM here on forums

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please recognise me i read your rules and regulation and the number 7 is multi account log in how we multi account log in in our pc in our computer shop and not get banned because if we log in multi account in our oc we get banned what we gonna do to avoid banned for lof in multi account because it is computer shop

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@Joe You are only permitted to have 1 SAES account. If you have other people on your PC/IP using other accounts, refer to the #Multiaccounting tab on the left. how we can avoid to banned because er are using pc on computer shop what we gonna do to avoid banned by log in multiple account in one pc thank you please reply

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