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Maryondo Eressea (Darth Revan)

Darth Revan

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Transfered from the old forum. Just to warn you what you are dealing with.

Posted February 10, 2016

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When the Greater German Empire was facing its defeat, many high ranked Nazis (inclusive the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler himself) escaped 1945 in a sub-marine fleet to their hidden outpost New Swabia in the Antarctica.
Over the years, the enclaves in New Swabia and Argentina (where many Nazis have escaped to as well) built up the remains of the Third Reich to new glory but in secret. The Nazis have infiltrated the Western World (especially the United States of America and the fatherland Germany) with its Agents, to prepare the return of the Reich. The Fourth Reich.

1984 a new Agent was born, born by Agent-Parents who were stationed in West-Germany. His name: Maryondo Eressea.

Maryondo experienced a normal childhood with kindergarten, school and an education in Business Management and Psychology. All the time he was fully aware of his roots and his destiny, to become an Agent for the Reich and his Fuhrer Maximillian Zoller, the third Fuhrer and the successor of Hitlers successor Karl Doenitz. Zoller was a close kinsman of Lathro Eressea, Maryondos father. Through his parents, Maryondo experienced a pre-education for uprising Nazis.

By the age of 21 (2005), Maryondo got contacted by the Human Resource Management New Swabia, to start his education as Agent in New Swabia. He completed his education with great success and as best of his year. After his graduation, 2007, he got stationed in the USA to join the C.I.A. where he raised very fast and eventually became the new Director of the Agency, 2013.

Also in 2013 he became voted to be Senator of Palekaiko Island. His great success was very well known in the ranks of the Nazis and the Fuhrer Maximillian Zoller honored him with the permission, to bring the NSDAP back to life, 2014.

Soon after the revive of the NSDAP, Maryondo got assigned as the successor of the Fuhrer Maximillian Zoller.
Two months later, Zoller retired and Maryondo Eressea became the new Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich. Zoller returned to his family's castle "Burg Hohenzollern" and became the historican of the Fourth Reich.

Over two years, the NSDAP (once again the political arm of the Nazis and the Fourth Reich), Maryondo developed and improved the NSDAP in secret. Now, in 2016, the NSDAP is returning, just in time alongside with the current Presidental Elections.

Will the NSDAP under Fuhrer Maryondo Eressea's leadership take part on the elections and try to take over the power of the United States of America? Or is he just scouting the recations of the people of the return of the Nazis to give it a try another time? Eitherway, Maryondo Eressea and the NSDAP seems to have a plan. And noone knows yet, what the final plan might be. Or in what it might result. The people should keep their eyes open, if they do not want to get caught unawares.

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