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[LWS-STAFF] Garcia's LWS Events


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^[alt text]

alt text

alt text

^[~[Name:]~(Purple) Garcia]
^[~[Age:]~(Purple) 17]
^[~[National:]~(Purple) Algerian]
^[~[Date of joining the server:]~(Purple) Around the begin of 2018]

^[~[Current Organizations:]~(Purple)]
^[~[Organization Zero]~(#82AB3C)]
^[~[RadioSA DJ]~(#C8FF69)]
^[~[ZIP Architect]~(#CC9900)]

alt text

~[Event :]~(Purple)
~[Event Type:]~(Purple)
~[LWS Helper:]~(Purple)

alt text

** ~[01:]~(blueviolet)** Survive from the sharks
** ~[02:]~(blueviolet)** Group game
** ~[03:]~(blueviolet)** Sea Battle
** ~[04:]~(blueviolet)** Lucky Explosion
** ~[05:]~(blueviolet)** Survive the balls
** ~[06:]~(blueviolet)** Destruction Derby 2v2
** ~[07:]~(blueviolet)** The mirror
** ~[08:]~(blueviolet)** A v D WhiteHouse

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