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Outbreak Organization - General Information


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General Information 



This is a Criminal Organization


What is OutBreak?

OutBreak was one of the most respected organizations around back in 2014, however due to government's decisions and strikes, the organization lost members until it disappeared, yet their spirit still around and has waken...

Our main work is not to dm, we are an organization that its role is Kidnap and assault trucks, do Jail break, but with extreme precision and organization, and yeah, if we are wanted, we will strike the police down if it's needed.

We are not a random group that makes dm around, everything we do, is in order to have fun, not to fight or find problems.


- Information you should know.


  • New Rookie members will need to prove themselves towards the organization once they join, by hosting events, attending to activities such as Roleplays and Organized Jailbreaks.


- How do you join?

  • We have 2 type of recruitment process at the moment, either by application where you apply via forums or we can also invite you to the group if you prove yourself a trusted and qualified member.
  • First of all you should try to join our main discord channel DISCORD before anything.
  • Here's our Media Archive check it out 



  • You can find our main topic here


  • Any questions you can go ahead and ask any HQ member.




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