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Farewell from Special Task Force


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Well, as the title says.. we all know quite good that every start has a sad end, and here is ours..

It is really hard for me to write this as I have given my best towards this squad, and we couldn't continue with it.. our squad were opened at 6th May 2018, it's been all the time working good, we didn't had any problems with it, unfortunately last month, we have lost our activity, and some of the members went inactive, which made us a big problem there. Therefore, the decision has been made..

In the name of three top brasses in squad,
Commander @Laza
Vice Commander @Dufabo
Chief of Staff @Ramos

we would like to thank everyone who were a part of our squad, and who has been working for that, it will be remembered, and never forgotten. Honestly, we never had any big issues there, but recently one has happend unfortunately, and we think that this is the best solution for everyone. Also, we wish everyone who were a part of our squad to find better place in any other organisation and enjoy his time playing on the server!



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Maaan, everyone has their ups and downs, I dont think it was worth closing the squad but hey, you can say that you led a level 4 squad which is an achivement!

Was fun working with you back when we were Level 1.


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@Marko said in Farewell from Special Task Force:

some members went inactive and activity decrease in a "MONTH" so you delete a level 4 squad?
That is the worst decision I ever saw in my life.

RIP Sadly

I view it more like them closing it while it's at its peak rather than letting it slowly fade away for months or years to come. Questionable decision but still somewhat respectable at the end ;)

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