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Desert Eagles Naval Recruitment


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After Naval Brigade was launched, we've decided to look for new members! We're looking for hard-working, skilled and good hunter fliers to add into our lines!

Naval Brigade was launched this year, led by Strong and the vice leader of Desert Eagles, as it's own separate brigade from A51. They work as a sister-group for the main group, but we fight in hand to hands. They have their own air force, to defend their own base and help out ground troopers while in fight.

Naval Recruitment won't be like normal Desert Eagles recruitment. There will be no live recruitment this time around. The recruitment will start from this day and will end at 20th April 2019. During this time, we'll be handing out private tests to Military Academy to those who we find meeting our requirements! Any activity from past and upcoming will be looked as a positive factor as we pick members.

To those who miss live recruitment, do not be worried! Live recruitment will be hosted upcoming summer! That recruitment will be only for Assault and Airborne unit!

The DEHQ team

General of the Army, SAES>Patrol

General of the Army, SAES>Bunny

Chief of Staff, Dyam Douglas

Colonel Darius

Air Marshal xTrade

Major IG8820



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