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100.000.000$ Mapping contest ( CripZ Base )


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Hello everyone , CripZ looking for a ''profsnal'' mapper for level 5 base.Its been really long time we are still using oldest cripz mapping and we are willing to change it to better and something suit for level 5 organisation I will give more details about base what we want

*Rewards : 100.000.000 $$ and Your mapping skills will remain on saes for years with cripz base .

*How to claim reward? : Once your mapping approved by Group Managers you will be paid.

What do we want ? :
First thing we want base should be suit for our role .We known as street gang also selling drugs and alcohol.
*We don't want to be visited by cops everyday.So Base should be closed enough to stay away from cops at least they cant jump with cars,truck.(they can come with helicopter its okay)
We want to have at least one vehicle garage to have our vehicles.
A place where we can get only by gate,door or interior.(closed area)
We already have an interior So we aren't interested with interior mapping
REMEMBER Its a level five organisation , We don't want just random box buildings.
Before starting please read mapping rules and max kb .Also we want from you to gate codes properly.

We want to keep this garage under the bridge.Once you start mapping you can start from this one .

alt text

Contact with me on Discord for more details. https://discord.gg/WhNtPwQ

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@Bone said in 100.000.000$ Mapping contest ( CripZ Base ):

@zaza said in 100.000.000$ Mapping contest ( CripZ Base ):

@Bone said in 100.000.000$ Mapping contest ( CripZ Base ):

if you admit that you're kurdish and openly support PKK i might consider it

Sure i will if you admit you are still virgin !

Then im afraid we have no deal sir.

Ok i will on teamspeak visit me u kurd

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Last time i mapped for another gang i made an epic fucking base and the retard turks @SarkiS and @Woxayd closed their shitty gang not long after.

So basically what I've learnt is never trust a Turk.

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