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Side's Application for SAPA


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Your server login-name, server nickname and forum name : hoangtien/Side/SideSwipe
How long have you been playing on the server : 1 year 4 month
Have you ever been a member of a Criminal Gang or Organisation : IS
Have you ever been in a Police Organisation before on SAES or another server : I was in ICE.
Do you already have PC Qualification (Procops Access) : No, i don't have.
Have you read the SAPA application and training Process : Yes i have read.
Why do you want to be a SAPD Server Police Officer : Because i love playing as a cop like patroll and arrest, one thing more is it make me happy and feel enjoy in sever beside i just only good at cop. I will contribute all what i got to Sever as a Police Officer.
What unit within SAPD would you like to join after training (like SWAT, FBI, etc) : I would like to stay in SAFP
Do you have Discord : Yes, i have.
Your age : 16
Your location : Vietnam
Explain the concept of "Role play", what do you think that means for a police officer in-game : Role play is you be come a one charter or acting in an a story, accident, etc...And police officer can roleplay as arresting crimal or patroling.
Are you aware of the rule that states you cannot be in a criminal gang and a police squad at the same time : Yes i am.
Rate your English skills from 1-10 : 7/10
Have you ever been adminjailed or banned from the server: First time i playing i got adminjailed and about banned from the sever i havn't.
PART II - Rules for Patrol [X = PICK A LAW FROM THE 10 LAWS]
With your own words, Explain law 3 : Don't arrest someone with stars low than 10 except they want to as arrest police, you can bribe them by /officerbribe. When you don't have anyway to arrest one crim is shooting on the top of bulding you can kill them. Who are trying hiding from you by join event you can ignore them and wait to event end.
With your own words, Explain 5 : When you arresting someone and you give them offer you must give them a time to decide too, because it very hard while you riding and reading. Just wait to they say yes or no.
With your own words, Explain 10 : Do not create new topic inside main forum unless you got allowed because it will bother a lot . Some people will spawn on it and it will not comfortable to Leader or Vice Leader. And you got something just PM @Royalty about your problem.
With your own words, Explain 1 : Don't read a rule is the basic thing for everyone who joins a certain sever and press F1 and read it is must thing you need to do. Deadmatch to another player or even vihicle with no reason is not allowed and it is the most annoying thing. And special is you rage you can rage in silent don't vent that anger on others by isult their in mainchat, if you wan't you can PM them or create a party to talk about it and make it in peace.

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