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The Motor Heads Live Recruitment!


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Coming to you this Sunday! (24/02/2019) 16:00GMT:

~[After some discussion among the executives and the Racing Division of TMH, we have decided to have a go at a live recruitment. This will be for RACING DIVISION ONLY, so if you are interested in Technical or if Technical is your final goal this is not for you. Now in this recruitment we will be only taking the best we can find!]~(#458a08)

~[Now due to SAES and the clock changing, we wont be using it to organize the event time. So let's go with GMT shall we, so it will be at approximately 16:00 GMT. If you are unsure of your timezone/what time it is in your country, please refer to a Time Zone Converter Online.]~(#458a08)

~[At this live recruitment what do I have to do? You may ask. Well at the current time we are purposing a 3 round race event (3 rounds of races, different scenarios). After each round the winners will move to the next round and so forth, the winners of the final round obviously will be invited to join TMH. To keep some mystery for now, the exact terms and conditions of the races will be kept secret for now. The number of people we will be accepting hasn't been decided yet, this will most likely be decided on the day.]~(#458a08)

~[On the day we will be watching! So please try your best! If you have ever wanted to join the Racing Division of TMH now is your chance!!

If you somehow do not know what TMH does/is, please check out our MEDIA ARCHIVE

For questions, queries, comments or statements please reply below. Alternatively for questions regarding the Racing Division, this event or questions about TMH in general please contact one of the following:



this topic maybe updated at anytime to reflect changes in the event, including but not limited to: time, place, number of participants, conditions of invitation, rules of the event etc. please insure you check this topic regularly as it may contain important information that could help you during the event. If for any reason you have any issues due to not reviewing the information contained in this topic, such as being late or missing the event, TMH takes no responsibility for this.

Assistant Chief of the Racing Division

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