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mta lags for me, pls help (i pay 10mills for the one fix it)


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mta lags for me, pls help (i pay 10mills for the one fix it)

also i play on the same pc since ~2009 mta, earlyer i had 8gb less ram & gtx670 & win7, was using shit ton of gta mods & had everywhere always 60fps.

now iam using win10 since few years, and installed the same gta sa folder with all mods and got very low fps.
reinstalled clean gta sa without even one mod & still have low fps (depends where i have 40-59 or even worse if more people), if i hit f9 to remoove enb series + M pannel to remoove other saes mods, i have the same fps.
and iam even 8gb more ram + gtx1060, i can even run gta5 with 70fps...

is there any patch or something? i would like to use teamviewer because iam nub in pc, if someonje can fix it, i pay 10mill ingame, pls help me

edit: also i used earlyer long distance view mod (even longer than saes one) + more reflection enb mod aswell without any lag

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I had also some lags problems in windows 10. Try going to GTA SA folder then right click in ''gta_sa.exe'' > Properties > Compatibility, you will find ''Compatibility mode'' > Run this program in compatibility mode for: Feel free to choose one but I would recommend you to choose Window XP pack 3 or windows 7 I tried both and they are working fine for me, after you are done press OK.
Do the same for MTA launching program.
Hope this would work.

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@Bartman said in mta lags for me, pls help (i pay 10mills for the one fix it):

@kipt said in mta lags for me, pls help (i pay 10mills for the one fix it):

Make sure you're running MTA on the GPU.

how to change that?

Usually is on default mode, but you can always go to the GPU settings and select the 3D options, then go GPU presentation (something like that) and select the GPU. But again, if you're using the monitor, just one, straight in the GPU, that's pre-defined already, but sure, give it a try. If by any chance you're using two monitors, you might be running the game from the onboard GPU (CPU).

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so all infos here:
-i installed mta +gta fresh, i didnt had mta + gta sa on win 10, and because i had lags i did even reinstalled mta + clean gta sa without any single mod
-changing graphic on settings/M pannel ingame for no saes mods & f9 for no enb didnt increase fps
-i did deactivated cpu graphic, so it can only run on my gtx1060 @kipt

i tryed run compitable on win7, didnt increase fps

tryed run compitable on winXP pack3, it doesent show loginbar, if i do "f8--> showlogin" than this comes
(using this code not possible, because libcef.dll cant be found)
than i tryed this https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/faq/27813-running-on-windows-10.html with gta sa exe first, it doesent change anything, because gta sa runs without problems (but even with lower fps than mta)
tryed the same on mta exe, magicly the loginbar pops out whilest the testing, but only if testing, so it cant find the problem, and if i login whilest the testing than fps is completly fucked.

also all graphic drivers & windows updates are the latest.

i will try in an ~houer what avanger sended link

i5-37570K 3.4-3.8ghz (-4.2 if overclocking)
16gb ram
hdd + ssd

  • gta5 highest on 70fps, i hope that no one comes anymore with "buy new pc/res down", specially if doing res down i have exact same fps in mta.

and i played mta with shit ton of mods + enb series that reflected everything not just cars + more draw mod, and i used just an gtx670 instead, it worked always on 60fps, only difference was that i was using win7, now iam using win10, fuck win10!
so it cant be in no possible way an hardware problem

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Go back to windows7 @.@

No, but I honestly don't know what else to say.

The last thing I can come up with is trying to run it on high priority status on the task manager, on the .exe file. That's what I used to do on mine celeron 2.16ghz for csgo :)

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@J-a-x said in mta lags for me, pls help (i pay 10mills for the one fix it):

I blame ICE and their base

actually i get there the lowest fps :D

@question before, ye i get lower fps at certain areas & if many people there, and doing res down doesent help

i was already thinking alot times to go back to win7, i wish i never changed to 10..
higher priority didnt help sadly :/

pls if anyone can help/have some pc knowledge & time, can do teamviewer

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If 1.0 hoodlum crack doesn't work, try to install an antivirus program, scan the computer fully. Then try it again, if it doesn't work neither, format your computer and use Windows7 with directX9 for a better performance. Also try to not install high end environment mods

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