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Otto Von Bosmarck

It all started many years ago, when Sam Vokes entered adulthood. Vokesy was eager to be successful in life and thus he started seeking for companions. A friend of his aka Maddy / Mad, suggested that Mongols MC would be a good place to start a new chapter in their life, after completing high-school together. So, the two mates started getting along with the Mongols, aided them in their activities and assisted them whenever it was needed. After some time it was made clear that Samwise wasnt ready.. at least yet. Thus their ways went separate. Vokesy was in the need of experience, before coming back.
There's a saying: "When god closes a door, he opens a window." and that is exactly what happened with Sammy boy. An organization called Black Syndicate recruited the young man and showed him how things were done in San Andreas. Samwise learned a lot about Black Syndicate, he even got to the veteran rank of the mafia-typed gang. But in time, he realized that Black Syndicate had a lot of heat on em. It was a matter of time when Black Syndicate went down and that left Samwise no choice, but to contact the MI-6 and start being an undercover agent for the MI-6. Sam Vokes undercover name was Agent.Whiskey and with that nickname he started giving MI-6 data about Black Syndicate's associates and activities.
Sammy boy did all of this just to clear his own name. He succeeded. By time Black Syndicate started having major incidents with the feds. Sammy received a new identity and a clean record in exchange. He couldve used the new identity to get a new start in life, but things went awry, when all criminal organizations including Maddy found out that Samwise has been working for the MI-6. The two brothers started thinking about the ways on how Sam could escape this situation. Every San Andreas criminal organization knew that Sam Vokes couldnt be trusted and Sam himself knew that cop life wasnt made for him. They both agreed that Sam had to live harsh several upcoming years, to clear his name.
The plan was simple, Sam Vokes and the Mongols MC have to bring down the MI-6, meaning that Samwise had to be a double-agent for few years. Right before MI-6 was brought down, the Mongols helped Samwise adapt his new identity. They all went to the Los Santos MI-6 base and hacked the system. The name Sam Vokes and its reputation was gone and Otto Von Bosmarck was born with a clean record.
In the MI-6 days Sam Vokes was quite interested in the leaders of the world. He read books of Gandhi, Otto Van Bismarck, Hammurabi, Mao Zedong and even Hannibal. He noticed that Bismarck and him had a lot in common, thus his new name was easily picked. Otto Van Bismarck was a man who lived in the 19th century and was in the leading role of the German Empire. The Chancellor of German Empire to be exact, he was famous for predicting how to World War would begin. As a person he was quite neurotic, vindictive and insensitive, but also charming, charismatic and full of warmth.
Otto Van Bosmarck joined Mongols MC after the fall of the MI-6. It was the glory days of Otto, money and reputation just came in. After two years with several incidents with the feds, Mongols MC were made to shut it down.
After that Maddy went to Liberty City and Otto decided to stay in San Andreas and visit every bar in it.
While staying at the Lil' Probe Inn in Fort Carson, Otto stumbled on the leader of democratic organisation named OverdoseCrime. They had a chat about their past while enjoying a glass of Flaming Ba Jesus. Their past wasn't the only thing they discussed, housing and different organizations were also spoken about. One thing led to another and Bosmarck felt generous enough to help OC climb the reputation and success ladder. An immediate development was struck OC, more and better business deals and a greater structure of the gang than before. After several months Bosmarck claimed the leader's trust and was promoted to the Vice Leader spot in the gang. But things weren't that ideal after all, as Otto thought. Signs of dictatorship were noticeable in the organisation and the unwillingness to leave old habits behind by the leader made Otto concerned about his choice in the first place. Things went awry, when Otto had a heated discussion with the leader, Otto accused the leader of not obeying the rules which they both had written down and agreed upon. The gang was supposed to be democratic, but not anymore as it seemed. The other members of the HQ tried to settle this and make peace between the two sides, but Otto was 100 percent sure of his decision, which was to leave this organisation.

Otto Van Bosmarck visited few more organizations after OC and at last, he found his home... Rebels MC.


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