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[Tutorial] Bind Panel


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~[Introduction to Bind Panel:]~(red)

Hello, I have noticed some players that are finding obstructions while using the bind panel such as not knowing how to use it properly without asking for help from a user of it, therefore, as the title says, I would be showing you clearly how to use the bind panel properly and answer most of the frequently asked questions that can be making confusions to such players

~[Why Bind Panel?]~(red)

This is the first question that would be spreading into your mind before any other question. Most of the players would have an excuse of time wasting and therefor they are using regular binding that is default and made by the moderators of MTA, but why wo7ld you prefer to use bind panel instead of the default binding system?
The default binding system has more defects that are going to interrupt some players of having such binds, while bind panel can give you much benefits, the first benefit is that you could use up to indefinite number of binds (for me it is up to ten binds), you would wonder how, thus, it is that you can bind a set of binds of a set of keys for each of another set of keys. For example, I am using set of binds on the numpad, which will enable the binds on the regular numbers that are on the latin letters of the keyboard aka qwerty or azerty or whatever keyboard you are using. With this future, you could bind all of your groups' binds, gangs or squads' binds and other personal binds you may want to have.
Another reason you may be really looking for, otherwise Arma would be looking for (hhh), is the spam of chat. The bind panel gives you a benefit of not accidently spamming the chat. And no, it is not about delays between using those binds. However, it is about that the bind panel has a feature of enabling and disabling of binds by the keys you are binding the sets for, this would be explained later on the instruction to use it.
And the last benefit as I said in the last one, is that you can cancel any accident enable of binds without having it working accidently, this will be also explained later.

~[Basics of Bind Panel:]~(red)
Before you start to use officially the bind panel, you should know how to use it properly, therefore, the first thing you need to press "T" and insert "/bpanel" in order to the bind panel to appear.
This kind of panel would appear to your screen.
alt text
Please make sure, some bugs may occure and the most frequent bug is that only a cursor appears instead of the whole panel, you need to reconnect and reinsert the command in order for the panel to work properly.
There is the first tab of the panel, showing bind pages and binds, first of all, you need to create a bind page by pressing the button "New Page", the green one, type whatever name you want, but be sure you are going to use it later (PS: and for example, TST is not TsT and same goes for tST and tst, they are all different).
After creating the bind page, you may proceed to the next step, click on the page in the gridlist until its row becomes blue, then you may go proceed and press on "New Bind" green button that is on the right edge of the window.
You will see the following options:

  • Bind Page: you are not eligible of editing this, you have already selected the bind page.

  • Bind Name: You may name this whatever you want, make it clear for you to determine the bind by later for using it.

  • Bind Command: This one comes after the thing you type after the slash "/" while using a command in the mainchat or the first thing you type while using "F8", for example, the command for local chat is LocalChat, the command for sell is sell, etc...
    (PS: /say aka main chat can never be used to bind panel, and /me, /do in localchat has LocalChat as a command, /me comes next in the arguments.

  • Bind Arguments: This is what you type after the command, if you do not then leave it blank, if you usually type something after it you need to fill this.
    For example, when LocalChat is the command, you need to type what you want to show in the localchat, forexample, "Hey you!", color codes work here. For /me, as I said LocalChat is the command, in the arguments you need to type as the following example, /me farts on his pants, releasing some delicious odor.

  • Bind Key: This one is pretty simple, click on the button and press the key you want to bind, then press on Create to create the bind.
    Do the same procedure for all the binds you want, BUT STAY on the bind page if you are creating binds for example of SAPA.

After doing all of this, you may proceed to create a new page for new binds, you may bind the same keys for different pages, but binding on the same key for the same page will make the key working for both comands.
After doing all of this, GO to the SAVE tab and SAVE IT, JUST DO IT AND SAVE IT, if you DON'T, you may lose the binds if the script restarts or you get disconned from the server.
The binds will not be working yet, you need to first work with the bind pages first. You may do it with this
"/bind key bpage PageName", for example, i bounded the binds within my pages for regular numbers from 1 to 9, while binding the page I would do the following:
/bind n bpage SAPA
And do that with different keys for different pages.
After binding, you have reached the last step, just press on the button and a small window will appear on the left side of your screen and it would show the page name, and the bind in the format of "[KEY] Bind Name"
Then just press the key of the bind, it would work.
If you press the key of the same page appearing, it would disappear, if you press another key, it would switch to the other page. That is why it does prevent accident binds and normal spam. When pressing the key of a bind, it won't work if it is not in the bind page that is appearing. If it works, the page would disappear as it successfully worked out the bind you made.


  • If you want to transform your binds from default ones to bind panel, you need to remove the default binds and redo them within the bind panel.

  • You may edit your binds on the binds file or share them to another one by going to the following path from your MTA folder: "mods\deathmatch\resources" and search in the search bar for "binds.xml". Please do not mess with this unless you know how to, I will add a tutorial on this later in this topic. You may only search the file with someone else.

If you find yourself confused in anything, make sure to check @Tut-Greco 's video and you will get your answer.

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