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Making civillian spawns more attractive and having prize to RP stories



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Greetings people, I would like to suggest an idea which I believe we must have in SAES. As we all know most of the usual members are a part of a gang or a squad (except @ChasinTLSN ). Generally there are 120 to 200 people being active at afternoons and evenings but only 10 - 20 of them playing as civillian. And people have rights to turn this RP server to Cops vs Crims because police and crim spawns are the best spawns to earn money (even better than trucking). So I think, there must be more civillian spawns which are not as ''unqualified'' as bus driver, worker, trucker, binman spawns. You can add more spawns which are qualified as lawyer, pilot or judge spawns. Maybe seeing a doctor spawn unlike a paramedic with ambulance would be good, or architect, (any kind of) engineer, academician spawns.

I think scripts are not the only way to make the spawns more attractive. Maybe a new subsection of SAES (like SAHA) may award people with money for doing RP in public spawns, maybe not only money, new kind of /stats value which shows how many RP the player did. Maybe more qualified RP gets a higher price.

Possible advantages are:

  • It will break the focus to the cop and crim spawns.

  • In civillian spawns, instead of doing the same loop which have missions like drive A to B or extinguishing burning vehicle, people will use their imagination to make their roleplay more fun

  • People will get more adapted to roleplay. We all know a lot of player dont even know /do command exists or how to use it.

  • People are only doing rp just for their organisation's activity, this is a new reason for them to do rp.

And I couldn't find much disadvantages, it is not changing anything or removing or permitting. only problem, people might write fake rp stories to forums, maybe you can add a script to see how many anims or commands used in rp.

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