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CS Presents: Nascar Race event


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~[Nascar Race at G6 arena]~

Racing on time (10mins) reach as many laps you can without your car is starting to burn!


~[To participate it's require:]~

  • 1 Driver

  • 1 Mechanic

  • 200k for each time you want to race.

  • You can join as many times you want to make a better score.

  • If there is 2 or more with same score at the end, they will have to do it again just 5 mins each so we can find a winner

  • Contact me in-game if you want to race

  • The Race will be in another dimension in a cheetah

~[Prize each month:]~

1st place will get 90% of all income.
the last 10% will be donated to the Judges of the event.

~[few times a week the track will be added, so look out for the advertising ingame.]~

Month ends 28th February.
Current Amount: 1.600.000 $


~[Fabman / 51 Laps]~(orange)
Nicus / 46 Laps

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