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Kool Times News, also known as the KTN Association is an independent news organization founded by Combine and Zombie who campaigned against the misinformation of telecommunications at San Andreas. Eventually his campaign paid of and the agency started to have a place and representation, replacing the defunct San Andreas News Agency (SANA).

It wasn't long before the news agency began to expand and made affiliations with radio stations, thus expanding it's audience to hundreds of thousands nation-wide. The network set up its own magazine where they post informative and sensational articles, as well as stories.

The current Chief Executive Officer, Combine came into the public light only recently after taking some time to observe how the agency was coping and how it was run and following some harsh criticism of the company over recent months.

Soon, the group resurfaced from the ashes for a new beginning in the city.

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  • Online News Service - Easy access to our magazine with articles, photos, and celebrity gossip! We offer from sensational stories to weather reports, city history & places, etc!

  • Photo Service - Need someone to do photos for your biker roadtrip? Maybe photos of your gay wedding at Las Venturas, or your party at DezZolation Island? We will make a photo edit of anything you tell us for very affordable prices!

  • Advertisement System - We post advertisements at the bottom of our articles for a small fee, either for other groups or anything you want to advertise.

  • Friendly and caring - We will listen to citizens of San Andreas and write any stories they want to be published about them or anything in particular!


Need anything? Contact us at our Discord for prices and services.

Our Slogan/Motto: "Nothing sacred but the truth"


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~[Main Roles]~(#d43f3f)

  • Reporter: Also known as Journalists, they gather news and information to keep the public informed about important events, as well as write about anything in particular!

  • Photographer: Those in charge of the work in visual matter, usually making photographs, but videos are frequent too.

~[Secondary Roles]~(#d43f3f,#d43f3f)

  • Scrutineers: Trusted reporters who have shown a good quality of articles, and are responsible for fixing the mistakes of new journalists in their reports.

  • Paparazzi: Trusted photographers who earned a better job, by spying and gathering information for our magazine, about the government and its members, celebrities, etc.

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Network Ambassadors ~[(Headquarters)]~(#ff0325)

Trusted members that have earned a better contract

@Combine (Founding Fathers)
@Zombie (Founding Fathers)

Network Employee ~[(Members)]~(navy)

Official members that have a contract with KTN Agency



Trial Employee ~[(Probationary)]~(#7dabd4)

Applicants that have been accepted and are in the first stage to getting a solid contract

[Vacant Positions]

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READ BEFORE APPLYING: You can choose between 2 jobs, if you think you have a good English skill and like writing you better go with Reporter role. If you either think you're not that good at writing you can choose to be a Photographer for us. You can also choose the 2 options.

  • ~[Joining KTN Discord Server will increase the chances of joining,
    as well as posting activities at our official media,
    which link can be found at the very top of this topi

Application Format,
please fill this and post below to receive an answer!

Time playing on SAES:
Rate your English (1-10 scale):
Have you ever been banned? (state why):

Explain what KTN is on your own words:
What is our official motto?:
What job are you interested in? (Reporter/Photographer/Both):
Why are you interested in this job and being part of us:
State why should we choose you over other candidates:

Explain what RP means:
Explain what DM means:
Tell us something little about yourself:

The application is just to show that you are interested, after being answered you will have to pass a series of tests based on the jobs you chose within your app. Good luck!

On behalf of,
Kool Times News Agency.

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