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Underground Empire - Level 5 Application


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^[Underground Empire is an organized crime syndicate. It's like La Cosa Nostra. Difference is that UE doesn't have ethnic limits (Like LCN and Russian mobs do). Also, it has politicians who are not just associated but who are part of it. Some of the members of UE are high society members who on the ground are known as businessmen, politicians etc... Underground everything's different]

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Underground Empire was founded on June 23, 1866. (1 year and 1 day after the American Civil War).

Few former Confederate soldiers who were traumatized by the war couldn't find a job. Their families were killed by Union Soldiers.

3 men - John Dixon, Edward McFarlane, and Judah Davis were former Confederate soldiers. Dixon came from war with his left hand blown off, McFarlane had PTSD and Davis was sick of living.

Nothing left to live for they decided to get rich. Their criminal activities began with corrupt politicians.
Some politicians wanted someone killed then one of them would get the job done.

In 1888. they met a Polish businessman who came to America to get richer than he already was. His name was Richard Kowalski.
Kowalski was famous for running rackets in Poland.

1901 - Daniel Callahan found oil underground. Some bandits and outlaws wanted to steal his oil and even kill him. Callahan's wife drove to Rio Bravo (Old city) to ask for help from Underground Empire. They agreed.
While protecting the oil, John Dixon got killed. In return, Callahan joined Underground Empire.
Callahan was the top earner.

1907 - Edward McFarlane started a killing rampage on his enemies and went out of control (because of PTSD).
He got caught by US Marshall and Sheriffs.
Next day they hang him.

1909 - Judah Davis died of heart attack.

1912 - Callahan had recruited some soldiers to protect him and his business. Then he met Salvatore Petrucelli
Petrucelli was an Italian immigrant who wanted to get rich and he didn't care how.

In the 30s and 40s, most Underground Empire gangsters and associates went to war. Most went to war to escape criminal charges and they wouldn't have to go to prison. Many didn't come back after the war.

1955 - Most of UE's businesses were in Liberty City.

1962 - Had war with local gangs.

40% of all properties were burned or destroyed.
55% of the members were killed.
10% more were in prison.

1973 - Underground Empire was attacked again.

1974 - Officially announced dead/inactive by Government.

1997 - Dino ''The Ace'' Zee, a Machiavellian type of gangster met few old Underground Empire members in prison.

2000 - Dino Zee was released from jail.

2001 - Some rumors of reviving in Liberty City.

2004 - Secret and unknown gang wipes out most of Vice City gangsters and takes over most businesses.

2013 - Announced officially alive by FBI.

Allegedly revived by Dino "The Ace" Zee and Mr. Siegel aka. Hari.
With the money, they had taken from a loan shark - Michael "Henkie".

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~[Arctic sucks dick]~(white)

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^[This is NOT the gang topic. If you would like to apply to UE, please click here]
^[Ingame name:]
^[Ingame username:]
^[Previous organizations and leaving causes: ]
^[Define Underground Empire: ]
^[What binds you with Underground Empire:]
^[What do you know about organized crime:

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~[Accepted]~(green): Only happens after you've been given Pending, and have hanged with UE in-game for a decent amount of time.

~[Pending]~(orange): Your application is suitable, your next step will be hanging with UE in-game for an undetermined amount of time.

~[Denied]~(red): Your application is unacceptable; we will usually point out your mistakes. Typically, you won't be told when to re-apply; however, you must take your time to adjust your application to fit the necessary requirements and correct the mistakes.

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