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Wildin' Rednecks


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I was a pretty chill guy back in the day when I had no idea about the Redneck lifestyle, let me get into it. I thought this was total bullshit and decided to become a lawyer when I grow up but turned out things turned out to be the opposite when I got kicked from my University in Las Venturas. As I got older the behavior came and I thought to myself, I had always been a god damn western style motherfucker so I gathered up some of my hillbilly friends and decided to build up a Hierarchy and start my very own club that is based around.
It started out simple, we gathered money by working at trucking companies and robbing small-town stores, life was great and even got better as soon as we purchased our first ever property where we now rely on and spend our days there. We were getting noticed around the town by several gangs and citizens. We're not a gang, we're a bunch of hillbillies who just try to fuck your shit up as much as we can. We have the mindset of being untouchable and doing everything we can since we're not scared of the Law.
We also own several ranches under fake names where we store our 2nd side which I will expose in a minute, just hang tight.
When money wasn't a problem anymore, we decided to launch our small little ammo nation and a trucking business. It started roughly since who would trust a new trucking company started by Rednecks, luckily people started gaining our trust and we eventually became one of the most used trucking services in San Andreas. As money comes and makes the people more greedy, we wanted to start owning territory in San Andreas and guess what, we started to do that. We even almost started a Civil War but the fucking pigs stopped it. Anyways, where was I, we started gaining territory from other organizations by burning and terrorizing their property and buildings. We even created a Warlord rank so we had 1 person-in-charge who took care of the properties and others who took care of our Shops, Trucking services, and Ammo Nations.
Everything was good, we owned a lot of lands until the Homeland Security and Desert Eagles raided our base and killed most of our men which I thought was an absolute disgrace but hey, that's life. I wasn't killed and I served 23 years in prison and now I am back and ready to start all of this shit all over again! Hail Rednecks!
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Alchohol Industry:

After a long while of testing, we have decided to keep Alcohol Producing as our main source of income besides the crops and robbing. It is a legal way and an easy way we make money. We produce our own beer, vodka, and rum on a private property which we will not reveal because of personal reasons.

Trucking Services:

We do trucking all day, every day. You can book us at some websites and we will make sure to deliver your orders right to your doorstep. We use private cars since this is a private company and this is also our 2nd main source of income. We deliver anything, from phone cases to big trucks, bikes, helicopters and even private jets, we have them all.

Starting Civil Wars and Riots:

We are Rednecks, we do fight for our honor and we will do that till the day we die. You might know Rednecks as just grimy bastards who act tough and tell you that they will shoot you as soon as you step in their yard but baby, we're different. We start public Riots at night and burn down places with our Cocktail Molotovs and Flamethrowers. We bust down windows with our AK-47s and beat your ass with a Bat. And we try and we WILL gain back our stolen land.
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General Information about the Group:

Founded by: Markus
Creation Date: 29.01.2019
Club Tag: <Wilden>Name
Club's financial state: Unknown
Motto: You may be a redneck if... you have spent more on your pickup truck than on your education
Discord server: https://discord.gg/zuZHuYp
Color code: FFE2AC
Club Members count: 5
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Group's main base:

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
1. Respect everyone at all times.
2. Follow the F1 Rulebook.
3. Don't act like a headless chicken and roleplay most of the time.
4. Do not pretend to be an HQ member if you're not one.
5. Always listen to the Top Brass of the Group.

^[alt text]
Currently, as the group just launched, we will recruit by applications, currently, the in-game activity is not that important since we need to build a good roster first. All you have to do is click onto the first spoiler, copy the application format and just fill it out. You don't need to use words that you don't typically use to make yourself look better, just be chill, make the application nice and good luck.


Personal Information:

Languages you speak:
For how long have you been playing on SAES:RPG:
Current organization:

Detailed Information:

Why do you want to join us?:
How could you help?:
Do you have any benefits?:
Have you been banned on SAES:RPG?:
What are the roles of WRN and explain them:
Do you fully understand the F1 Rulebook?:


Topic is still under construction, thanks for understanding.

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@Norwing said in Wildin' Rednecks:

Good, luck!

@XxNetroxX said in Wildin' Rednecks:

Good Luck

@Riley said in Wildin' Rednecks:

Best of luck bro' :) You can do this, <3

@Reggi said in Wildin' Rednecks:

gl! Seems fun

@King said in Wildin' Rednecks:

Very well topic, banners seem good and just good leader. I wish you best of luck! Make it offical.

@Spark said in Wildin' Rednecks:

Good luck bro

Thank you all for the early support! Will try our best to get it going.

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