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Franks' LWS Events


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Hello there everybody any welcome to my topic where I will post all my LWS events. I hope you will enjoy looking at my posts and getting lots and lots of money from me. Every single LWS Event I have made in the past and which I will make in the future will be posted down below. Enjoy!





-Don't let IT catch u
There is a hide and seek map where everyone has to hide in.. while I seek for them with a gun.. if I find them and kill them the game is over for them.. but the way to win the event is by finding the parkour and reaching the roses that I will be defending with my gun.. the first person to reaches the roses and sneaks past me wins the prize.



-Red Light, Green Light
The players will start at the beginning of the road, I will be at the end of the road with a fence and roses behind me, once the players get free if I crouch they can run towards the roses once I stand up they must stop, if they keep running while I'm standing they get kicked, whoever makes it to the roses first wins the prize.



-Fast Fingers-
I choose two people that go head vs head in a 1v1, I write a word in chat and whoever writes it first moves on to the next round, if the word is spelled incorrectly the person that correctly writes it first wins.




Event Format






LWS Hoster:




Random Constructions: 8
Total Events: 128
Total Money Spent: $160.750.000




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