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Reward for cops based on blood



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As many saw that im on fire today for suggestions, probably i had a good time sleeping and dreaming, Therefor this suggestion is about promoting the amount of money cops get from arrest based on their blood
Example : 42 stars gives 40k and the cop had 20hp whne he arrested we add small amount like 1k for the 10hp (these are fictional numbers SAES HQs, & communtiy can give something exact)


  • The famous 'we are a roleplay server', i wanna say even irl they pay people based on the damage they received from the work they did, refunds as they call it. And im adding this so my suggestion about killing cops for money doesnt go bad.

  • 'cops will jump from a wall damage themselfes and then arrest afk ppl' Well as mega set a system for afk selling we ca set a system for afk arresting so they get normal amount whatever was hp level.

  • 'Cops will try arresting with low hp on purpose' Its not easy to arrest a criminal while u have 10ho unless he is blind and cant shoot.


  • As criminals will get hp for damaging our dear cops they will get money for getting damaged fair nah?

  • More fun for cops so they will feel the challenge in arresting even with low hp levels, think about raiding an sr while u got shot and getting 5 arrests with the bonus

This can be disabled when arresting with kill-arresr this will make cops use their nighrsticks if they want some cash, this note is to please the side that sees the kill-arrest system unfair in general. _Im not one of em

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