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Bounty on a player (old suggestion)



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Note : This was suggested by our dutchie @Blade long ago and seems to be accepted but never saw it, live indeed im reposting and you can find original post here

This has been suggested back in 2012, however I'd like to open a new discussion about it.

I've asked around a tad in-game and people seem to like the idea of being able to put a bounty on a player.

So I had the idea to come up with a plan on how to get it working:

Here we have the: the player that is putting a bounty on someone, the player that has got the bounty on him/her , the crowd that chases and kills the player.

  • The person puts a bounty on players head for example 50.000. The whole server gets a message on the top-bar that there has been a new bounty set on someone.

  • The bounty stays there for 15 minutes.

  • After the 15 minutes the money is gone.

  • If the person was killed, the person that killed the person with the bounty on his head, receives the money, and the whole server gets a message that says "player" has been killed by "player" for the bounty of: 50.000 <- amount

  • You can only set one bounty per 30 minutes.

If you have any suggestions for the matter of this suggestion, feel free to reply below with additional information on how the script could work.

JoKi notes:

  • If a player with a bounty on his head is arrested, the *cop arresting gets the money;

  • If a player with a bounty on his head disconnects from the server, the time will be reseted(30 minutes to be killed again);

  • If a player with a bounty on his head survives the 30 minutes, he gets the bounty money;

  • The player who sets the bounty loses the money if the player gets arrested/killed or not;

  • A bounty can only be set on a player and by a player each 30 minutes;

  • A player can set a bounty on hiself;

  • if the player doesn't accept in 30 seconds, the money is returned;

  • there must be an attacker or else the timer will reset.

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A pool has been added

@Skerdi said in Bounty on a player (old suggestion):

If he survives 30 mins he gets the money, player will camp into his house and use any anims to hide, so he gets the money. Why do you need a script for it when you can start an event like that yourself without a lws g6.

We can set a visible blip on all map for it, and g6/lws are not needed when we can do such (smalll thing alone), i don't think anims will be that useful as the blip will show his location.
Feel the challenge man

@Ramby said in Bounty on a player (old suggestion):

Maybe create a new class/role to become a hitman? Like I expect Black~Bullets to chase an criminal but not many others who don't have that as their role.

A hole class is not needed although good idea, sometimes people won't respawn while they are as squad/gang to just get the some of money

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