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I thought that we should make it more realistic when we refuel the cars.
So I thought when you go to the gas station, select the type of gasoline you have for your car. (Type the gas to be specified in the speedometer or somewhere that you can figure out)
And for example, if you pick the wrong one, the car does not go any further and you will need a mechanic to help you, just like in real life.

And as I have many cars, I noticed that on some, when I get to the gas station, writes petrol and other diesel. It would be more interesting if there was a difference in prices and consumption.
As the diesel consumes a little, it will have a higher price and on the same principle applies to the cars that go on petrol, just as lower price and less consumption.

I know it's just a game, but it's pretty annoying when you do not even 20 meters and already a liter of petrol / diesel.

What do you think about this? Please choose between yes/no!

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