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Banks Interiors Bugs



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Soo, As we all noticed, there are some bugs in Banks interiors markers, the bugs are:
1-You be stucked at the door marker and you take much time to get the control back and move
2-When you get the control back in sometimes you walk automatic by "W" only and you can't walk by the others movement keys
3-When you are stuck at the door marker there are noobs trainees camping at the marker and waiting to taze you so you can't run from them because of the bug
4-You can't run fast to the BR or PBR because of the bug plus that when you join the bank with parachute you be stuck in the air not even in the bank
and i think that will be good and useful to fix the bug because that's really annoying, you can't run fast to the PBR or BR and you can be arrested by the noobs and trainees because of the bug.
Thanks for reading
If you want to say anything then go below and say that in the comments

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