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Official Group Forums & Spawn Requirements


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Forums Requirements

Have a fully detailed topic about the group role, members, application format etc.

Have been active on the server for at least four months. (Official date of the group creation is
the date in which the media archive & group topics are posted).

Have to create a media archive topic where the roleplays, events to be documented.

Have to complete 40 high quality roleplays.

Have to recruit the right players for the group. Inviting everyone and having a massive number of members won't help.

Application Format:

Name the leader and two HQs of the group.

What are the future plans and goals of your group?

What do you need a private forum for and how would you make a use of it?

How many roleplays have you done?

How many events have you hosted?

Write a three paragraphs RP scenario that you might do in future. (800 words minimum ).

What other RP groups are you in a relationship with? What kind of a relation?

Post a link of your media archive.

Other information (Optional)

The above requirements are simple and easy to understand. If you have any question or confusion about anything mentioned here, PM one of the GM team members.
Once you're done with the application, wait for a GM to reply, we will be evaluating the application as well as the other aspects and give you an answer in a matter of about a month. Do not PM any GM to reply to your application.

Spawn Requirements:

Must have 22 active members (includes HQs, 22 is minimum number)

Must have an active management team to represent the group within the community (HQ team to deal with events, internal issues, management)

Must be active on the server for at least 4 months (Be seen on the server together, attend/host events or roleplays)

Must have attracted a mature memberbase and HQ team

Must have a full media section with professional screenshots, roleplay and event logging, along with descriptions of what has happened

Must have expanded on the roleplay topic by creating a completely new scenerio and large roleplay event

Must have an exceptional reputation on the server (No major issues internally or with problematic members recently)

Official group rewards

A custom mapped base (Large in size, locked gates, custom interior provided, base/spawn location may be moved if required)

ATM & Safedisk permitted in the base

Vehicles that will fit your role

A spawn with a melee weapon, pistol, shotgun, sub-machine-gun, assault rifle and sniper/country rifle (100 pistol, 75 combat shotgun, 250 uzi/mac, 150 AK47/M4, 50 sniper/country)(parachute included)
Its up to GMs if your group will have weapons/ammunition on spawn.

GM team.

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