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Rebels MC Application for Level 2


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Members: 47
Active members: 38
Bank: $116.000.000
Media Archive
Some subjective informations such as private rules aren't disclosed here due to us willing to keep our traditions and development private as it brings us much more quality. Willing to share it with an admin in the GM team in private of course.
alt text

Old school Motorcycle Club that earns money by just taking their chance on the opportunities they get like protection tasks, assassinations, bike and auto theft et cetera.The first thing we care about are our brothers, the second are our bikes and the rest doesn't matter

Also, Rebels MC is strictly against drugs, drug dealers, drug users and any fuckin' thing related to drugs.

alt text


Castle, Felix, LilRab and Bas knew each other since they born, all 3 of them were 10 years old back then. They were from the poor side of Los Santos, they earned their money by pickpocketing.


Castle, Bas, LilRab and Felix were riding choppers and robbing little shops to earn their money, they promised each other not to sell drugs. They didn't let anyone sell that in ther hood neither. Sons of Anarchy -the dominant MC of the times- heard about these 4, SoA crossed their way off and forced them to wear "support" patches which means they work for Sons of Anarcy. Felix said they would never work under someone else's command and they rode away, it meant war and they all knew it.


They were in a war with the Sons of Anarchy, everything was going down, Sons were too crowded and they were just 4, they mostly did hit and run attacks. Then finally decided to turn it into an MC and recruit more members.

Then the legend was born... Rebels motherfuckin' MC was born in 1st December of 2001 (2011 is the real date though.)


Everything was changing, Rebels were growing fast, and Sons of Anarchy was like a sick old man. Rebels hit Sons' warehouses, money sources, gun storage's and it made them rich while fucking Sons up. It was the golden ages of Rebels MC.


Sons of Anarchy was half dead already, they were just fucking arround and hiding from everyone with Rebel patches, and Rebels MC were ruling San Fierro, North part of Los Santos, and South part of Las Venturas.


Rebels have been growing enough, they even opened charters in Vice and Liberty cities, they're still fighting against Sons Of Anarchy.

February 2012

Some of the members moved and got transfered to Liberty and Vice city charters

April 2012

One day, leader of the Liberty City charter of Rebels MC (which would be Napier)had an information about SoALC (Sons of Anarchy Liberty City)'s gun storage's location. They planned a little operation and went to the location. Napier opened the storage's door but instead of weapons, they see a bunch of police officers waiting for them, they ran to their bikes in a rush, tried to keep the cops off their tail, cops opened fire and they returned fire, Mefisto have been shot on his shoulder but they've lost the cops on the way to their club house.

Napier called his girlfriend Irene and told her to prepare and go to the airport, they prepared a special aircraft that goes to San Andreas, after the cops' operation, they couldn't stay there more, they understood that it was a game played by Sons of Anarchy to kill Rebels MC's Liberty chapter, while they were preparing on the airport, Morde -the vice leader of LC chapter- was in front of the SoA club house.

Morde planted explosives to the SoA bikes which was in front of the door of SoA club house, he threw a molotov by the window of SoA club house, ofcourse everyone rushed out, Morde took his ak and opened fire on SoA members which were running out, then he jumped on his bike and started to run to airport but ofcourse Sons of Anarchy members were following him too, when he got closer to the airport, he triggered the explosives and the SoA members which were on his tail died terribly, as they learned on news, Morde killed 12 SoA members, and wounded 6 SoA members hard.

Irene was a nurse so she tried to help Mefisto's wound on the plane with the medical supplies which she stole from the hospital she has been working.

May 2012

Mefisto's shoulder started to bleed in the middle of a Rebels MC weekly meeting and he passed out, nearly all Rebels MC members helped him out and carried him to the hospital which Irene started to work. Ofcourse the doctors started to ask questions about the reason of the wound but Bistro threatened to kill them and they stopped asking questions, but one of the docs called the cops secretly.

They learned that only Mefisto's stitches were lose and it was an operation that'd take 2-3 hours, but before Rebels MC members felt relax, they saw 2 cops entering the hospital, Exca putted them off until Mefisto's operation was over, in 20 minutes they heard mefisto was fine but he was on the effects of the drugs which doctors gave.

Ungo carried Mefisto out, Exca punched one of the police officers in the face, took his gun and shoot the other on the leg and ran away to the club van. Rebels took irene with them so she could help Mefisto on the van.

Ofcourse police officers called back up and started to chase Rebels, there was 4-5 bikes and a van which was being chased by 4 police cars, Rebels opened fire on the cars, LesPaul shot one of their drivers so there were only 3 cars left. Police returned fire and finally TheCK threw a grenade at them, that didn't kill any polices but it scared them so polices stopped and they ran away freely.

When Rebels reached their hide out, they finally saw that Irene was shot and killed by the police...

June 2012

Napier was drinking hard since the death of Irene, he was drunk all the time except the day of Irene's funeral.

All the Rebels MC members were there to share the pain of Napier, there were approximately 60 Rebels... Felix sister VenuS also was there. Rcardo and Freaky came to the funeral to share the pain too, all EI members owed Irene because she always cared for the closed ones, so EI been there too.

In 15-20 minutes, they heard the sounds of the engine of some bikes, they knew it wasn't their bikes because everyone's engines were off, they though it would be the engines of other charters which came for Irene, but in a minute, they saw 15-20 men with SoA vests riding fast through them, everyone took cover on grave stones and the walls of the graveyard, some of the Rebels have been shot on arms and legs but nothing serious,

Napier ran to his bike and followed the bikers with Sons of Anarchy vests, he was mad because that attack clearly was a disrespect to the Irene's funeral, ofcourse Rebels didn't want Napier to fight alone so they rode with Napier and opened fire to the SoA bikers, Ungo shot one of them on shoulder and the biker fell.

Napier jumped from his bike and ran to the biker, started to kick and punch the guy to death, LesPaul hold him back because they wanted the biker alive. Felix saw a tattoo on the biker's neck, he checked the tattoo and saw it was a GJMC tattoo, but it was all meanless because GJMC was their ally and then it hit Felix...

GJMC never wanted to be ally with Rebels, they were just waiting for the right moment to hit Rebels, and they did it with SoA vests so noone would think GJMC was attackin them.

Biker spoke his last words and it was

"So it begins..."

July 2012

SoA is dead now, and Rebels MC is in a war preparation with GJMC, GJMC still thinks that Rebels doesn't know their little game, so Felix called Divine and told "we're preparing a little roadtrip for our long friendship, would like to see here in an hour."

There was a little bar a little bit away from Whetstone, Rebels placed heavily armed men on that bar and they hid there, Roadtrip was planned to end there.

Finally they arrived to the bar and Felix made a little speech based on the history of Rebels MC on the outside of that bar and finished it with "We always trusted Gypsy Jokers MC, but lately, we understood that it was a mistake" then he pulled his gun and shot a random Gypsy, then all the armed people in the bar started to shoot from the windows of the bar, they are at a bar on the country side all away from the cities and people but there still were lumberjacks around to hear the noises, Rebels fled away from the crime scene, they learned on the news that 16 GJMC were killed, 3 of them were heavily wounded, Divine was heavily wounded too so nut survived...

August 2012

Gypsy Jokers were too afraid to leave their club house, Rebels were visiting their club houses time to time, leaving no survivors. People were leaving Gypsies, Rebels were killing everyone who was related to them... By the time Rebels were trying to decide if they should move their Nomads charter's club house to Bone County or not, because it was hard to take control of San Andreas when it was based in San Fierro, so they thought about Bone County because it was more central.

December 2012

One of the ex SoAs attacked Rebels' Hideout in Bone County... Half of the Rebels died. Felix was seriously wounded, Castle took him and went to Vice City. Vice City charter has a past with Nomads of San Andreas, he helped Felix. Now Felix is at Vice City Hospital and Castle swore for vengeance...

End of December

Felix got better enough to get out of Hospital and he went back to San Andreas, Felix is gathered up the old crew for vengeance but those last hits damaged their morales so they had no chance for the time. They all kept in mind all the time to return back but most of them had to leave San Andreas and the rest stood there without a vest and lived as civillians...


October 2018

Rebels are back on the streets of San Andreas! Sons of Anarchy is dead, Gypsy Jokers MC is dead. Every enemy of Rebels died by time... It was safe to come back for them because even the ex-Sons were thinking Rebels were a worthy enemy unlike the people they have to deal with today. Of course they had lost everything they owned in San Andreas so they to chip in favours and people that owed them to get everything back. They had a rival called BBMC but they werent even slightly a problem for them because they had no idea about the bound of MC brotherhood so it was an easy task to remove them from the streets of San Andreas

December 2018

BBMC has been erased from San Andreas now and Rebels were the only MC around San Andreas. They were getting bigger and bigger (level 1.) each day and remembering the day that the club was created as it was 1st of December. As things were getting quiet, they hear of an another club named Sons of Chaos are in San Andreas so they go and check it out as an another MC may be a potential threat but they see the Sons are a club that respects others and Rebels most and they arent a threat at all so Rebels offer them a chance to be in their family as a support club. Sons accepts the offer a few days later and wears support patches of Rebels MC proudly.

As they had their break and had time to chill, Felix decides that staying out of war for a long time may get them soft and getting soft in a 1% life may even be more dangerous than itself so he opens up the subject and demands that they should fight against drugs to get the streets cleaner for kids. He discusses it with Vice President @Bas and Sergeant at Arms @Zoom-In and it is discussed that after the fight with a rival club, cops are already a problem so they discussed if they should focus on that or the drugs.

Felix gets it voted down by Rebels and it is decided that they should be fighting against drugs.

alt text

~[President]~(#700000) (Rebels MC is proud to be the first MC in SAES that used the "Prez" tag)

Deals with external businesses and relations and is the face of the club. Also leads the club.

~[Vice President]~(#700000)

Deals with internal businesses of the club and leads the club as the president when president is not around. Makes sure every member does their job perfectly.

~[Sergeant at Arms]~(#700000)

Makes sure everyone in the club follows the rules of the club (and server rules) and acts as a disciplinary upon that. Also makes sure the club house and the members of the club are safe. Plans attacks and defences.


Deals with communication and media also keeps records of the actions of the club. (Deals with forum and discord)

Keeps financial records and makes plans of expenses and incomes. Makes sure club stays rich.

~[Road Captain]~(#700000)

Is the leader and the planner of the rides and road trips. Checks the bikes of every member and prospect to be sure they are on good condition. (Plans the road trips and events and puts them in motion)


Full-patched members of the club. Claims tasks for themselves and puts them in motion. Really loyal to the club and proven it.


Is the closest person to the club but doesnt wear a full-patch. Can be trusted with small tasks and small secrets of the club but they are still on an outer ring of the circle. They prove they are worthy and loyal enough in order to get their full-patches. Does any task he is given.


Someone who wants to be in the club but needs to be known first. He tries to learn about the club system and also gets himself known by the family, does any task given.

~[Supporter]~(#700000) (Not in gang panel)

Either someone who wants to be in club but needs time to apply or someone that doesnt want to be in the club but is a part of the family.

~[Undercovers]~(#700000) (Honorary Members)

RP-wise, they are people who arent officially in MC but they actually are. They dont wear patches because of reasons they have from their personal life like they have a job that wouldnt tolerate it or they are wanted by the police and they dont want it get tied with the club.

~[How the Ranks Work]~(#700000)

In order to get a rank, you need to be full-patched first. EVERYONE goes through prospecting and there is no exception for that and if you are known well by the club or a member vouches for you then you can skip the hangaround part.

alt text

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

alt text
What we expect from you is loyalty at first. Stick to the server rules and do not damage the club's reputation with it. We do Motorcycle Club roleplay so if you aren't into that and you want to drive a sports car? Don't even bother applying because otherwise either we're going to kick you or you'll leave yourself. We speak English on our gang chat.

Our application process doesnt involve forum applications. We intend to keep roleplay functions on the maximum possible level and as "applications" are one of the key elements in an organization, we aim to make it roleplay-wise aswell. That is why we dont have any forum application forms.

In order to join us, contact a Rebel in game. Any full-patched Rebel members will be fine. Tell him you want to be a part of our family so you will be tested either by him or he will contact a HQ for you to be tested, like in real MCs.

Like real MCs, each applicant may be tested in a different way depending on the first impressions they give. (For example if you act like you're unable to shoot, you may be tested more in that area or maybe the opposite, if you're proved to be unable to aim properly, your other useful skills may be tested to see what you can provide for the club.)

^^Of course that doesn't mean there will be basic tests that will be applied for each applicant.

Our general application process include (What is below is not an application form. Dont apply on forum)

  • Your personal informations such as first name and age.

  • Your understanding of Motorcycle Clubs. (There are no wrong answers, if your knowledge is wrong we will tell you and you'll decide then if you want to be in a MC or not)

  • Bikes that are owned by you and your skills of basic riding. (We wont expect much from you, as you will get better as a prospect.)

  • Your knowledge of server rules. (This is really important, if you dont know the rules of the server or how they're followed, please check f1 to learn.)

  • Why do you want to be a Rebel.

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