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[SUGGESTION] Donation Skin



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The github: https://github.com/saesrpg/saesrpg/issues/4

Hello I made a Donation Skin suggestion in 2017 and the community recieved it pretty well back in the day.
I decided to repost it on the new forums.


So I just thought of this idea; What if people that donate to the server get a custom skin they can turn on by typing a command like (/donatedskin).

Restrict the use of skins that are modded like the CLO skins, KKK and Adolf Hitler skin.
Could be a shaded skin, which designers can create.
Be able to change into the skin using the command with every class so cops can get their own shaded officer skin and criminals can have their own shaded criminal skin.
We could make it that the skin has to be approved so people can't make an fully pink skin and walk around like a flamingo.
If a donater wants to change his skin he needs to wait like 3/6 months same as donation vehicle changes but longer. Or the donater can never change it at all so he has to be certain he wants the skin.
You have to donate a certain amount of money before you get this like above $50,-
Make a cooldown on using the command to change your skin so people can't abuse it (every 30/60 seconds).
We could put a restriction on police skins for criminals and criminal skins for police so cops cant use criminal skins and criminals cant use police skins. (If admins have to aprove the skins then you can easily fix this)
We could make a command so players can turn off the shaders ( so they can't see the shaders) If it makes them lag.
@Crash's Suggestion that comply's with this.

Skin rules should be like the Cop Car rules. What I mean? Mellow posted that cops cant have criminal skin's as shader but it's not logical for one reason all squads have shaders now and allowing cops to have a shader on a cop skin with shader allready would be useless so do like the police car rule. Allow Cops/Crimianls to have a skin of the other side BUT if cought abusing they would lose the donation and no refund like the Police Car Rule. This way Cops and Criminal could get a shader if they would like for when they want to spawn criminal or police (depeding on what u are) This would also go for Companys ofc.
Let me know in the comments what you guys think of this idea and if you have anything to add to the suggestion.

MTA Skin page: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/All_Skins_Page

P.s. Don't Hate, donate


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