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New Role/Job for Spawn "Smuggler"



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Hello guys,

I am not sure if the trucker spawn has "illegal shipments" like it used to have but if it does, it needs to be removed.


Idea is; add a new criminal spawn "Smuggler" that picks up arms/drugs from a spesific location and deliver it to an another one.

-When you pick up the shipment, you get wanted levels.
-Shipments pay higher than legal ones.
-Same leveling system like the trucker spawn but in this one only the amount of arms and drugs are changed for levels, not types.
-There can be shipment types other than arms and drugs but they pay should pay less (Read next for reason)

And in order to make arms dealer and drugs dealer spawns more realistic: They should be able to buy cheap guns from those delivery points (not usable, only to sell because otherwise it would be abused) and able to sell it for the current prices with profit.
^^ You dont get all the amount your buyer pays now. If this script is done, you get it all because you already paid a little amount of money when you buy the guns. But in this case you're also taking a risk of not finding buyers so maybe the buying price should be less than the fee that dissappears when selling now.

If those spots dont have any guns/drugs: Then you cant buy until they are re-filled. Like the fuel stations.

In order to make this more realistic, instead of trucking this could be a pilot/captain spawn that spawns in Cuba and smuggles to San Andreas.

Cops could get paid for blowing up the shipments (arresting in skies and the sea is hard.) But if that is the case then smuggler ships and planes should have an extremely higher health.
(You cant defend your shipment while driving but it will pay a lot of money so you can find friends to protect your shipments against cops and pay them a fee for protection or screw them over, both is an option because both can happen in real life ofc. Protector can ask the money before starting in order to not get screwed, these are all up to players.)

Each part is written as considering the parts before those are accepted (you can accept part 2 but not 3 but you cant accept part 3 and not 2 f.e.)

This would;
-SAES hasnt changed a lot since 2012, I remember it was a server that was in a constant change so new script to experience.
-New activities in the seas and skies so the usable map is kind of enlarged and some of the cops spend time on seas to prevent shipments so you dont see a cop in every street you turn like living in a police state.
-This class is RP by itself, improved roleplay experience in gameplay.
-Making Arms/Drugs dealing more realistic.
-Give gangs something new to do together and increase player interactions instead of just playing alone.

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I think it has the same role as a spawn that's already been made which is Transporter. As you can see, transporter has options on what do you want to transport, both illegal and legal goods. But your idea could be implemented in some parts of the transporter idea though.

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@Cruz @Fall-en read what is written after the first one so it gives you an opinion about how it works differently then transporter.
I havent been playing as a transporter for a long while so not sure if it is still the same but if i am not mistaken;

Transporters, transport the guns/drugs which are already in the city. They deliver little amounts of shipments.
Smugglers, smuggle guns from out of the city. They are the suppliers of the dealers basicly.

They are roles that are really close to each other but actually doing different tasks.

Just like in real life. The job of a smuggler is ofcourse "transporting" something but you dont understand the same thing when someone says "transporter" or "smuggler"

F.e.: I give you 100 dollars, you deliver 10gr of cocaine or a pistol to a 'customer' of mine:Transporter.
You ship 50 kilos of cocaine and 100 kgs of weed with a truck/plane/ship from one country to an another so you provide it for the 'dealer' and you get paid huge amounts of money for it: Smuggler

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