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Your Favorite Series or Movie!


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Breaking bad, Game of Thrones, La Casa De Papel, Stranger things, The 100, Prison break,Limitless,Happy!, Blacklist,Scorpion, Misfits, Disenchantment, Rick and Morty.
I think these all are the best ones i ve watched and i cant choose between them the most best one. Ofc there is great movies too but i watch series mostly.
And why i like these series? well these all have great story and actors, even some of them are pretty unknown actors. I would recommend "my list" for you if you see there like 3 you liked already. Rick and morty + Disenchantment best series when u have hangover/ braindead

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Peaky Blinders,Game of Thrones,Suits,Breaking Bad...
i love alot of TV shows xd but i only mentioned the top ones , also i like animated shows like big mouth and family guy , south park and i also like some animes c;
about the movie idk rly xd maybe The Usual Suspects xD , Kingdom Of Heaven ..

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