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Your story in SAES ?


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The year was 3069. A group know as SAES ruled parts of the world including most of africa and southeast asia, along with multiple other "shithole countries". I wanted to find out how this happened because all the history books said nothing, except that the world was in turmoil until the great Brophy ate some flaming hot cheetos then had flaming hot diahhrea which created a force so great it reversed climate change and sent every meteor in the universe towards that planet from Interstellar. So me and by buddy Dwight Power invented a time machine using dank flux capacitors and meme circuits to bring us back to the year 2003 so we could observe the rise of such empire. But we fucked up. We didn't make the fuel strong enough. We didn't added enough frank's red hot sauce to the holy water and it sent us back to 2012. Now we have no way to get back into the future, because the technology to turn cum into meme circuits was not invented until 2630.

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