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Sam's Application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: glastras96
Your ingame alias: Sam
Your real name: Sam
Your year of birth:30/05/1994
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Greece
Country of residence: Greece
Language skills: English,German,Czechis,Greek
English Proficiency: 8/10

How long you have been playing: Since 2017 in SAES
Your strengths: I'm a very Serious and loyal Person in-game and also in real life. I'm good in communication with other people especially if i want to fix problems. In-game i'm a very good driver and also in arresting people. I have a squad with james because i like to lead the team and work together in the squad. I like to have many responsibility because that's what i like. I'm Alway a helpful person anytime, example as LWS staff i help many people to help them with their Events. I'm always a active person, i'm everyday online in-game. If Somebody tell me to do something, i will always try to do it until the end, i never give up.
Your weaknesses: I don't have really any kind of weaknesses. The only problem what i have is that i forget things when somebody tell me to remember or to do. (This happen only view times)

Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES): Community Staff

Teamspeak Installed: Yes, but never used.
Discord Installed: Yes
Do you frequently get involved on Discord: Yes

Reason for application: I want to become a part of the community staff because i know the gameplay rules and i know how to act as staff in game. My dream is always to be a staff member in SAES so i will be able to help people in the community more as normally. I see many rulebreakers getting away from punishments and that is not right, so i will also help with this kind of situations because i'm a fair person.

Unique qualities you can offer: I always listen to people so i can learn more as the same in real life. Also i have middle experience in mapping but i'm learning more about it and practice it. I have some management skills like leading squads. I have many knowledge in stuffs like on PC.

Server Memberships: ICE and LWS Staff

Additional information: My name is Sam, i'm 24 Years old. I was born in greece and i currently living in Greece for 1 year. Before that time i was living in Austria and finished my school in vienna. I also lived in Czechia about 2 years long. My most favorite game is MTA the only one server what i play is SAES. I like to play soccer and going out with friends.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I was punished one time for marker arrest & hiding in walls (pose 1)
Previous (legitimate) bans: Got Banned for 2 days when i started to play the Server for playing in the same time on 2 PCs, admin didn't believe me so i sendet to him some proofs and got finally unbanned.

Are you a muslim?: No

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Unfortunately your dank arresting skills aren't exactly strengths in this application.

Other than that, I still think you should get a lot more experience around the server. Upon my experience of reading things involving you, you never seem to take constructive criticism well which you definitely need to work on before applying again next time.

Again, don't let this discourage you to carry on with what you're doing. We do notice that you do take a lot of new players under your wing in ICE and while they might not be very smart, it's nice that you atleast have the patience to deal with them.

Better luck next time.

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