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Dufabo's Application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: dufabo1900
Your ingame alias: Dufabo
Your real name: Ilya Nesterov
Your year of birth: 1998
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Russian
Country of residence: Russia
Language skills: I can speak Russian English and German (just a bit)
English Proficiency: I would rate my english proficiency as B2 level.

How long you have been playing: I am playing on saes since june of 2013.I have registered my forum account in august of 2013.
Your strengths: One of my strengths is the lack of self-aggrandizement.I will never talk to regular players like shit, just because I have a little more powers or groups than they do.Next part that i will add to list of my strengths is my desire to help.If player needs a tour around SAES or just asking questions about it i am always trying to help him and answer all his questions(Since CS rec is open now you will see alot of useful players around)
Your weaknesses: My weaknesses list i will start with my inability to control my time. As you may know i am still studying,it takes alot of my free time.Also my girlfriend needs atleast some hours per day so for playing i have about 5-6 hours per day.Next part in my weaknesses list is lets say desire to learn new things.I am petty bad in understanding how some of hard things works and might need help from time to time.

Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES):Community Staff

Teamspeak Installed: Yes
Discord Installed: Yes
Do you frequently get involved on Discord: I am checking discord once in 2-3 hours(but not at the night time).Chatting alot of time with groups and squad members such as IAC,LWS,STF,FOX etc.

Reason for application: I decided to apply for community staff because i am an old and experienced player of this server.I saw how SAES administration works and learned alot from them about justice around the server. My activity level is good enough to deal with all of my groups and i know that i will be useful as CS(if i will get accepted).As LWS i learned to dont support only my friends and to be fair all the time so from my side you can expect only fair decisions about players.

Unique qualities you can offer: Here i am not going to say about activity and knowledge of english,because i know that almost all SAES players active enough and can speak english properly(just some of them cant). I can offer you my knowledge of Russian language,as i noticed there is alot of Russian rulebreakers around the server and Admins / CS members always looking for a Russian to translate their messages.Next part is my resistance to stressful situations.I can always control myself and if situation going out of control i wont start randomly insulting players etc.And the last thing is my friendliness.I can speak almost with every single player of SAES:RPG as with my friend.I can explain him situation,whats going on or what he did wrong in peace without saying "Hey,you are a rulebreaker and you will pay for that".

Server Memberships: I am a Vice Leader of squad named Special Task Force[STF].[IAC]Founder & Director of InvestArms Corporation,[LWS]Lighting World Sports Supervisor,[HLS]Homeland Security HQ,[DE]Desert Eagles Special Forces member,[SAM]San Andreas Medics member on probation,[SAFD]San Andreas Fire Department member on probation,[PC]ProCops police officer,[MCC]Military Civilian Components Captain of Reserves Unit.

Additional information:I guess i gave all information about myself that i know.If you still have questions feel free to pm me on discord/forums.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Got adminjailed once.Back in 2015 Danny was staying on the roof of the jail.I was spawned as a CripZ member and killed him...20 seconds later i was adminjailed for DM
Previous (legitimate) bans: 2 legit bans in my account history.First one happend in 2013 when me and my "New gang" (actually just russian players) came to event.One of those guys was wearing our tag and threw a nade to kill all event participants.This day whole gang got banned for 24 hours.Second ban happend in 2014 when i was trying to call Bambook in skype to ask him some questions about SAES.He was ignoring me and i have insulted him on russian and got 1 hour ban.

Are you a muslim?: No

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