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Justsomeane's application for CS


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Your ingame username:Justsomeane
Your ingame alias:Justsomeane
Your real name:Mohamed
Your year of birth:12-12-2000
Your gender:Male

Nationality: Dutch
Country of residence: The nederlands
Language skills: pretty much just english and dutch
English Proficiency:Good enough to write this apply

How long you have been playing:5 years
Your strengths:Im able to form a good bond with pretty much everyone, good at listening and advicing people
Your weaknesses:Unable to join DE and i suck in MTA

Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES):DE

Teamspeak Installed:no
Discord Installed:Yes
Do you frequently get involved on Discord:Yes

Reason for application:Im promoting myself so i can join DE once i log in since i know they will see this :D

Unique qualities you can offer:Comedy i guess? I mean this application is pretty unique in itself :D

Server Memberships:TT, Maybe CC if they did not kick me yet

Additional information:Someone tagged me and told me i have a higher chance of joining this than de so im proving him wrong by making this shit apply

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server:Got muted a couple of times
Previous (legitimate) bans:banned 1 time for copying someone's name

Are you a muslim?:Yes, this gives me the urge to grab a plane and kamikaze lvx

That was all hope i gave you guys some laughs :D

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