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Adway's Application for SAHA


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Your ingame username: adway
Your ingame alias: Adway
Your real name: Milan
Your year of birth:1998
Your gender:Male

Nationality: Serb
Country of residence: Serbia
Language skills:English and all Balkan languages.
English Proficiency: 7

How long you have been playing:Since the ending of 2014.

Your strengths:I can be calm in most of the situations and cant be triggered by some insults jokes also I can cooperate in every single segment.

Your weaknesses:Hate childish behavior around me , if its a roleplay or something and somebody is death matching because of fun I usually be like o my god really bro.Also I can be apathetic and I can trust people easily however all in all I dont think I have a lot of weaknesses which can not be settled.

Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES):SAHA

Teamspeak Installed:Yes
Discord Installed:Yes
Do you frequently get involved on Discord:Yes

Reason for application: Well I think I am very suitable for this position and can handle it very easy with joy.

Unique qualities you can offer:Well I can always speak very clear and give a lot of explanation if its needed to someone to understand what ,how and why is able to do.

Server Memberships: The Company HQ

Additional information:Well Im living in Belgrade the capital of Serbia , Im currently on private information technology university, first year and working my ass off for exams, also besides all that Im training MMA for like 6 years having some tournaments and stuff like that in Belgrade, its hard to connect and practice how everything should be at the top level with training and learning but yeah still going forward.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server:Once I have been adminjailed because I was shooting the cops who were not chasing me.
Previous (legitimate) bans:No

Are you a muslim?:Once I dropped a nade on store robbery (it was a missclick tho)

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Decentish app but trust me, childish behaviour is one thing you have to get used to on this server in the admin world haha.

And you don't see many IT MMA people around :thonking:

But unfortunately you have not been successful this time around. Please try and get more involved helping individuals n a regular basis to get noticed for next time.
Better luck next time!

alt text

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