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[Change] Trucking Toggle on/off


Trucking Toggle on/off  

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I would like to request a change of the trucking script that we can toggle trucking on/off. f.e when u spawn ALT and u go to refuel stations these trucking blips are a total mess in 211 when your checking stations to refill. Would be nice if we had a option to turn off the blips for the trucking system when we are doin smth else than trucking. 

Simple and easy request that wouldnt take very long to make either (scripting wise)

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37 minutes ago, Sanfara said:

The blips only show up when you are driving the DFT tho

Exactly. So when your driving a DFT lookin for gas stations either red&yellow blips. The truck markers are also yellow interfering with the gas stations blips


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