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[FEATURE] Special Cargo


What do you think of the idea?  

  1. 1. What do you think of the idea?

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Hello again. 

How do you like the new quest (tasks) "Special Cargo" 

You've played GTA Online and know what kind of quests 


And it would not be bad to add it to the SAES:RPG

And also NPS who will issue these quests (tasks)


(This example may change) - Lite - each load will cost $3200 if you deliver 3 loads you will get $9600 and also for each load you will get 6 stars.

(This example price could be different) -- Medium -- $6400 for each load and you get $19200 for each 3 loads and you also get 8 stars for each load

(This example the price could be different) -- Hard -- $12,800 for each shipment and you get $38,400 for 3 shipments and you also get 12 stars for each shipment


And now where can the cargo, randomly on land you can pick up only on land transport (you can on their own, or even a donated machine) except the air


About the cops did not forget that only you can not pick up the cargo you have 1 option

(This is an example of the percentage may change) 1. Destroy cargo 50% for 1-3 loads that is 3200$ will receive 1600$ well etc and if luck to catch criminals then receive the standard percentage for the number of stars


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