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Frank's application


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Ingame username: Frank
Ingame nickname: Frank
Previous nicknames: Zenox
Age: 16

Date started playing on SAES: 12/06/20 00:00

Current memberships: None

Previous memberships: None

Previous punishments/bans: None

My strengths: My strengths: With a strong team-oriented mindset, I excel as a collaborative player, supporting my gangmates while showcasing exceptional shooting skills. Additionally, I bring valuable listening and driving abilities, ensuring effective communication and smooth transportation for the gang's success.

My weaknesses: My weaknesses:while i stive to provide seamless interactions, i have weaknesses when it comes to lag and FPS drops, which can occasionally impact the fluidity of gameplay. I continuously work on optimizing performance but there my be instances where technical limitations hinder the overall experience temporarily.

Additional information: Nothing else to add

I agree to the rules of this organisation: Yes
I agree to the rules of the community/server: Yes
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